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If you are a team player looking for an exciting challenge, Bath Fitter is where you’ll find it and where you can contribute to the ongoing success of a growing company.

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Current Openings - USA
in Administration, Manufacturing, Sales & Installation
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in Administration, Manufacturing, Sales & Installation


The Bath Fitter brand is synonymous with beautiful, affordable bathroom remodeling.

Bath Fitter products are manufactured in ultra-modern facilities in the U.S. and Canada. Homeowners and commercial customers can choose from a product line that includes acrylic bathtubs, acrylic tub surrounds, shower bases, replacement shower walls, domed ceilings, shower liners, tub and shower doors, a variety of color-matched accessories – and, most recently, wainscoting.


Bath Fitter started back in 1984 with a new bathroom remodeling concept: installing a custom-molded bathtub right over an existing worn or damaged bathtub.

By 1992 the company had expanded to include a network of franchises and company-owned locations across the U.S. and Canada. 

The company is so successful that it numbers over 200 franchised locations and two manufacturing facilities with over 900 employees in Canada and the United States.


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I started working at Bath Fitter shortly after I graduated high school in 2007. It was my brother-in-law who had piqued my interest in Bath Fitter. He had told me about the great work environment, the camaraderie, and how management recognized hard work and promoted within. He had experienced these things and had been promoted to the position of Lead Hand. It was his experience and passion for Bath Fitter that convinced me to join the team.

I currently work as the Lead Hand in the Materials Department at Bath Fitter. I manage a small group of co-workers in the stockroom who pick and package everything needed for tub and shower base installs. This job provides great leadership experience that will contribute to my future advancement opportunities within the Bath Fitter organization.

Bath Fitter is a great company because of their incredible customer service and their amazing quality products. Bath Fitter strives to be the best at everything they do and settles for nothing less than the best. There is no ceiling to our potential and we are driven to succeed.

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- Levi, Materials Team Leader, TN

I started at Bath Fitter back in October 2002. I was attracted to Bath Fitter because it was a new company for me, with GREAT new ideas and I had the chance to learn a whole new business.

I am the Shop Hand at the Bath Fitter Nashville location. I enjoy working with a variety of people. The entire Bath Fitter crew is extremely helpful and go out of their way to be of service in every area possible.

What I like most about the company is its honesty and dependability. Bath Fitter backs its products and its people. Not a lot of companies can stand by what they produce and the teams that produce them, sell them and install them. Bath Fitter does!


- Ricky, Shop Hand, TN

I started at Bath Fitter on September 24th, 2001 just out of high school. I was looking for a great place to work and I found it. I liked that it was a privately owned company and as soon as I entered the facility, I felt the unique and distinct culture associated with Bath Fitter. The Managers showed me they loved their jobs and had fun doing them. I knew Bath Fitter would be the perfect fit for me.

I work in Customer Service and we have the best Customer Service Team that anyone could work with. We are respectful, trustworthy, and loyal to each other. Coming to work every day is enjoyable. We service 89 U.S. locations out of our office in Tennessee, and I get to interact with all of them and build relationships.

Bath Fitter has strong company values and a powerful belief in giving back to the community. Being involved in school activities, the Chamber of Commerce, cancer walks is just part of who we are… The team atmosphere is extraordinary and the company continues to grow and grow fast. We are all in this together.

Bath Fitter employees are top notch. We have fantastic people who do the impossible day in and day out. Bath Fitter gives each individual a unique opportunity to learn new skills, seek out new challenges, and experience satisfaction and pride in a job well done.


- Jennifer, Customer Service, TN

I began working with Bath Fitter in August 2006. I had always looked at Bath Fitter as a top-notch company. They offered a product that outshone all the competition. I am currently a Sales Consultant in Evansville, Indiana.

I enjoy the feeling of being able to give the Customer a product that they can’t get anywhere else. I really get a lot of satisfaction when I get a call from a Customer that just had a Bath Fitter installation, and they go on and on about how pleased they are with their bathroom transformation.

Bath Fitter is a great company because they stand behind their product and their installations – ALWAYS! Bath Fitter is honest and they always take the extra steps necessary to ensure that the Customer is happy. This is before and after the sale!


- James, Sales Consultant, IN

I didn’t know Bath Fitter existed until my parents had their tub re-done by them in 2004. They were so impressed with the concept, which is the reason why they chose Bath Fitter to do their bathroom renovations. To this day they are still very satisfied with the work done.

When the opportunity arose for me to come and work for Bath Fitter I jumped at the chance. I’ve been in Customer Service with the company since December 2006.

What I love most about working in Customer Service is the satisfying feeling it brings me when my customer is happy. Great service is just one of the many qualities that describe Bath Fitter and I’m honored to be part of that. I’m also proud to say that I work with a great group of people in my department and also in the entire company.

Over the last 6 years I have seen the company evolve and it continues to evolve every day. It is fun and challenging to be part of the evolution. Thanks to my parents I work for a company that I respect, but more importantly respects me.


- Louise, Customer Service, QC

I started working at Bath Fitter on September 11, 2000; my brother in-law who is a machinist, told me a lot about the company. What was said about Bath Fitter was very inviting: growing family business, where all employees are happy to work. Work conditions were far better than other companies in the same industry.

I am currently a Sales Consultant. However, for the past eleven years, I have held several positions: Lead Hand, Supervisor, Branch Manager and more.

I like the flexibility of the work schedule. Meeting people who have different projects turns every day into a new adventure. Helping people with their renovation projects, working outside rather than between four walls make my work fun and unpredictable.

Bath Fitter is a wonderful company for its ingenious product, made in Quebec. A product manufactured and continuously improved because the company listens to the employees. They are invited to share their ideas for product improvement and productivity. This results in an organizational commitment. Qualities I associate with Bath Fitter: attentive listening, continuous improvement, respect, passion and mutual help, just to name a few.


- Pierre, Sales Consultant, QC

I started my career in November 1999. What brought me to Bath Fitter? Feeling like I am part of a big family, the promotion opportunities and, most of all, the proximity to my house!

I started as a production worker in the Tubs Department. Afterwards, I had the chance to become a Molder and expand my knowledge. Then, I was promoted to Lead Hand and decided to try my hand at training new employees with my extended knowledge in thermoforming. Consequently, it led me to work at troubleshooting before I was promoted to Department Supervisor. I now work in the Research & Development Department, continuously developing my knowledge and sharing it.

Bath Fitter has always been very attentive, listening to the employees and instilling the desire for us to always push ourselves by improving existing products and ourselves. They make training available to all employees, allowing them to develop their potential. The passion and drive to perform, always reassessing what we do or have done and to do it better. Qualities I associate with Bath Fitter: Know-how, attentive listening, everyone’s accessibility, appreciation, promotion opportunities…


- Christian, R&D Project Coordinator, QC

I started working for Bath Fitter in February 2005. I can honestly say I’ve loved it so far, I never dread getting up and coming to work, that’s a good feeling.

Prior to coming to work for Bath Fitter I worked in management in the Retail Industry and I’m a Master Plumber also. My wife tells me all the time that “I’m in my groove” in my career… and she’s right.

I’m a Business Coach and a Retail Support Manager. I provide support for the Retail Branches and Franchises. I get to travel across North America and meet a lot of great people it is very fulfilling.

Bath Fitter has Great Leadership, Great Expectations, and a Great Product. There are a lot of companies that have the people and a plan in place to be successful but they don’t have a great product. WE DO!

Honesty and integrity are what Bath Fitter stands for… and they genuinely care for the employees and their customers. This is still a family owned business and it shows. Bath Fitter hasn’t lost sight of the fact that we must produce a fantastic product and provide our customers with the Ultimate Experience.


- Perry, Business Coach & Retail Support Manager, TN




Bath Fitter is committed to investing in a comprehensive benefits program for all eligible employees. In addition to receiving an equitable salary and having equal opportunity for professional development and advancement, you may be eligible to receive other benefits that will enhance your job satisfaction.

Bath Fitter offers a comprehensive group health insurance program for you and your family.

All employees, part-time or full-time, may be eligible to participate in the Bath Fitter 401(k) or Pension Plan.

 *Eligibility depends on locations and positions.

We regularly train all our personnel on bathroom remodeling trends, and also provide marketing and business support to our franchises to uphold Bath Fitter standards. We have our own training facilities in St-Eustache, QC and Springfield, TN where most of our retail positions (such as Installers and Sales Consultants) receive their extensive Bath Fitter training.


Bath Fitter is committed to the health and safety of all employees and recognizes the need to comply with regulations governing injury, accident prevention and employee safety.



Employees who have worked for Bath Fitter for a minimum of one (1) year may be eligible to participate in the Bath Fitter Employee Purchase Program.


Under this program, an employee may receive a 50% discount on Bath Fitter products installed in his or her primary residence and may spread payments out over 26 pay periods.


* Eligibility depends on locations and positions.

Social Engagement

Home makeover

Bath Fitter has been recognized many times for its involvement in various community efforts and events. In July 2011, Bath Fitter helped a Huber Heights, Ohio family by fixing up their home to accommodate their 5-year-old daughter who has cerebral palsy. Bath Fitter donated supplies and labor to make one family’s life a whole lot easier.

Cancer walk

In August 2012 Bath Fitter participated in The Pharmaprix Weekend to End Women’s Cancers™ in Montreal, Canada. Bath Fitter raised and donated a total of $20,000 to the cause.

Bath Fitter annual food drive in Canada and the US

Every year Bath Fitter raises money and collects food for local food banks in St-Eustache (Les Chevaliers de Colomb) and Tennessee (Robertson County Food Bank) during the holiday season. The Bath Fitter Food Drive is a collective effort that helps feed hundreds of underprivileged families.

Current Openings - Canada
in Administration, Manufacturing, Sales & Installation
Current Openings - USA
in Administration, Manufacturing, Sales & Installation
More about our positions
in Administration, Manufacturing, Sales & Installation