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Common Bathroom FAQs Answered

Posted by on November 19, 2013 7:55 AM

Our goal at Bath Fitter is to help homeowners create better bathrooms. Below are some of the most common questions and obstacles that homeowners face when it comes to their bathroom, and we’ve provided solutions and suggestions.


What Bathroom Accessories Will Help With Storage?

It really depends on the style and size of your bathroom, but you can’t miss with a shower caddy that houses all your shower products without just leaving them around on the floor or tub walls. Outside of the shower, consider going vertical with shelves or baskets. The space above the toilet often goes un-used, so that’s one opportunity for installing one or two shelves where a lot can be stored. 

How Do I Get Rid of Bathroom Odor?

There are a number of ways in which you can eliminate or marginalize bathroom odor. You can apply a better smell via a candle, incense, or spray. Some scents to consider are flowery scents and “fresh” scents like linen or cotton. “Fruity” is another type of scent, but might not be the best for the bathroom.

There is also vinegar, which won’t smell like much but helps neutralize foul smells. Leaving a few ounces of vinegar in a cup out on your bathroom counter will go a long way in weakening the lingering bathroom odors. 

How Do I Avoid Frozen Pipes Obstructing Water Flow to my Bathroom?

This is a problem no one wants to face when they go to shower or brush their teeth in the morning. Essentially, pipes need to be insulated or in a heating zone. Pipe insulation can be purchased at any hardware store. If your pipes are not heated, but are located in a “heating zone” of the house, then that should be sufficient for staving off the freezing. If the pipes are not insulated and are not in a heating zone, one measure that you could take is keeping doors open and heat a little higher to keep the pipes slightly warmer. Still, we would recommend getting them insulated.


How Do I Pet-Proof My Bathroom?

There are two main issues you are looking to prevent: your pet hurting himself, and a mess. Both of these can be prevented by keeping things out of their reach. First thing to consider when pet-proofing your bathroom, the size of your pet and what’s at his eye level and within their reach. Next, consider the security of different parts of your bathroom. For instance, if you have a cabinet that opens without “locking into place”, that is more accessible than cabinets that snap shut. A good rule of thumb is to keep all your products in a drawer or cabinet elevated above the ground, or above the bathroom counter if you have a small, agile pet that can get up on the counter.


How Do I Create Better Drainage in My Tub or Shower?

Here are 4 steps, increasing in order of severity of clog and price that it will cost.

Home Remedy – A quick online search of “Home Remedy Unclog Drain” will quickly return different results and instructions to use some combination of baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water.

Commercial Drain Cleaner or Clog Remover – These solutions are poured down your shower drain and flushed down with hot water.  They are effective and normally don’t take more than 15 minutes to take effect. Can be purchased at any hardware store or home improvement store

Snake – A drain snake is a long piece of metal wire that can get deep into drains and physically break up clogs. They normally have some sort of pointed end that can break through clogs and bring most of the material out of the drain.

Call Your Plumber – This is self-explanatory. If the problem persists after trying the first 3 measures, calling a plumber will be necessary.

Follow the Bath Fitter blog regularly for more Frequently Asked Questions answered. And to ask more questions, contact Bath Fitter to get your bathroom on the right track. 

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Rajani -

I have a tiled shower stall with double doors. The tiled shower base is an issue. Question: do u just replace the floor area with a shower pan? Or can you leave the tiles half way and create a shower pan and fitted walls half way? Please advise - thank you


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