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At Bath Fitter, we are committed to making your bathroom renovation an easy, simple, and enjoyable experience.

Getting to Know the Bath Fitter Planning Process

Posted by on December 5, 2013 11:00 AM

With so many options for how Bath Fitter can remake or remodel your bathroom into something brand new, we understand how important a decision it can be to work with Bath Fitter to help you identify the bathroom of your dreams. 

At our free, in-home estimate, our installation expert will discuss:
•         Remodel or installation options
•         Style Choices, including custom measurements and accessories
•         Installation process: schedule and time frame
•         Lifetime warranty
•         Cost
•         Follow-up appointment & next steps

All of these are very important points that can influence what homeowners decide to do to create their dream bathrooms. 

That is why we highly recommend that both members of a couple – or any and all decision-makers – are present when we do a free estimate at your home. Our installation experts are well trained to ask the right questions of both parties to ensure you know exactly what you want. In addition, we can supply the right information directly so there is no confusion or questions unasked. And of course, we will be able to tell you both directly the exact-to-a-penny price for your desired remodel, and make sure you know everything before agreeing to move forward. 

We know that having both parties there isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but we promise it will be worth it when you see your new bathroom for the first time.

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Laura -

Question: I am demolishing the walls of my bathtub area. Do I need to replace the drywall before having you install a bath refit or do you install it right onto the studs? Thank you.

William Birdsong -

My old shower pan is cracked and I need someone to come out and give me and idea of what is going to have to be done and how long my shower will be out.


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