A Better Bathroom Remodel Process

After 35+ years and millions of installs, you can trust our proprietary bath and shower remodel process.

Bath Fitter owns every step of your bathroom renovation from start to finish, so we can guarantee the very best quality and efficiency.

It All Begins With The Bath Fitter Acrylic Sheet

    Made with pride

    It All Begins With The Bath Fitter Acrylic Sheet

    Built to last a lifetime

    Our sheets, among the most durable on the market, are custom molded into the bathtubs, showers, accessories, and exclusive one-piece wall panels that millions of customers have come to rely on.

    We control the process, beginning with manufacturing and ending with the installation and customer service that touches every customer we meet.

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A lot of hard work is done behind the scenes to craft perfect tubs and shower solutions. Discover what makes Bath Fitter the simplest way to remodel your bathroom.

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    These bathroom renovations and transformations are real, not from reality TV. And all the installations took one day, without the mess of demolition. See for yourself the difference Bath Fitter can make.

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