The holidays are coming…is it time for a guest-bathroom remodel?

Guest-bathrooms might not get all the attention they should year-round, but with a little help from these tips, they can steal the spotlight.

When you think of the holidays, what comes to mind? Long walks with people you haven’t seen in a while, playing board games, delicious food from classic recipes, just hanging out with friends and family… all good answers, and all have one thing in common: The potential for guests coming in from out of town.

Long walks with people you haven’t seen in a while, playing board games, delicious food from classic recipes, just hanging out with friends and family… all good answers, and all have one thing in common: The potential for guests coming in from out of town.

If you’re going to host people over any of the coming holidays, you may wonder about your guest bathroom — is it guest-ready? Think about the possibility of beautiful new tile, a relaxing tub or sleek shower. It may be time for a few touch-ups, or a more extensive guest-bathroom remodel. There may be accents or accessories you want to replace or improve.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some guest-bathroom ideas for you to consider. There’s a whole lot of information, and some inspiration too.

As you get started on your guest-bathroom remodel

a man and a woman sit on the floor holding plans of what seems to be their remodeled bathroom

Let’s do this! (But first, let’s get prepared!)

Before you jump into your remodel, make sure you do the prep — both emotionally and physically (and fiscally!). So instead of saying, “What went wrong!?!” when it’s done, you’ll say, “I’m so glad I did this the right way, it looks amazing!”

Get Help (And draw it up!)

It’s tempting to do it all on your own, but take a step back and consider what’s best for the success of the project. First, find a qualified designer or architect whose tastes mesh well with yours — someone you can trust. A guest-bathroom remodel can tadour designer plans it out on paper so you’re on the same page when it comes to the look, timing and cost. Alignment upfront will save time, money and a good deal of pain when the curveballs come.

You’ll be facing an almost overwhelming number of choices when it comes to guest-bathroom décor. So, invest in a few good magazines or take time to do online searches and collect different looks and styles you like. Visit showrooms to see your options in person. One of the best and most convenient ways is to see them online, in real time. With the Bath Fitter’s® Design Your Own Bath tool, you can choose from hundreds of design options and combine them to see what they look like when you put them together.

How’s your budget?

Let’s face it, we may set a budget, but it’s easy for the final amount to rise above the maximum allotted.

To help you stay on budget, consider keeping the existing bathroom layout and not replacing things like the vanity, toilet, mirror and faucets. You can freshen up your vanity with a new coat of paint. Here are some pointers if you want to try it yourself.  

Another tip to save money but not sacrifice quality: Shop ahead. Before you start the work, buy things like tile and fixtures. Also think about accessories — little things that can make a big difference, like bars and hooks. Have them delivered to your home in advance to avoid contractor markups when it comes to cost. It will also give you a better grasp on delivery time to avoid delays.

Set expectations

Did we mention that you’ll get thrown some curveballs along the way? It’s great to have a calendar, but be ready to readjust the timeline in your head so you’re as happy with the process as you are with the finished product.

Fuel your imagination

While your guests will have various needs for their bathroom, let’s talk about their wants!

a man and woman sit at their kitchen table smiling over an opened laptop

Where it begins

Perhaps they’ll want a place they can relax and feel at ease. Guest-bathroom ideas start with the tub and shower. You want it to look great, easy to care for, and accessible to the people using it.

When it comes to guest-bathroom design, options are everything. With the Design Your Own Bath tool, Bath Fitter® has you covered with hundreds of choices. Check it out and have some fun with the many potential combinations.

With your awesome new design, Bath Fitter® will install your beautiful new tub or shower in as little as a day. Your bath, made with durable high-gloss acrylic, is easy to clean and remains virtually maintenance-free. The quality is so high that every bath or shower comes with a lifetime guarantee for as long as you own your home.

If you’re also looking for accessibility in your guest bathroom, consider converting your tub into a shower. Bath Fitter® can transform your space with many design choices to make it beautiful and install the latest safety features to make it accessible to everyone, regardless of age and mobility.

Tile styles

Many designers will tell you that the elements that go out of style quickest are lighting and tile. You can change out lighting easily, but tile is a different story.

If you search online for trends in bathroom tiles, you’ll get lists with the top 11, top 6,  top 4, top 44...but none of the lists are the same. What’s new this year may get relegated to “has-been” status by next year. Think about what designs resonate most with you instead of what may be the tile of the moment. Since there are so many choices, here are a few thoughts on guest-bathroom tile ideas to guide you.

Start with color. If you want your guest bathroom to feel more light and airy, go with a lighter color palette.

For a sophisticated look, consider dark tiles with light paint colors on the walls or lighter tile with darker walls. 

When thinking about what materials to use, a lot of people love natural materials because they just look so darn good. Also think through where and how you use them…natural stones like marble are porous and can stain easily. Ceramics can cut down on maintenance. And don’t forget about budget. This is where the numbers can run up fast, so consider a range of materials at the very least.

When it comes to patterns…well, the possibilities are endless. Be patient. Look at as many as you can handle. Make your own version of a stylebook. The more you see, the better you’ll be able to narrow it down to the one you love.

Let there be light!

New lighting is a great way to bring a bright, clean look to your space. Be sure to make this one of your early steps so you can see how everything looks as you proceed with the rest of the project.

Side note: Many people feel the love for darker bathrooms. It can provide depth and create an illusion of space so it’s of special interest to people working with a smaller space.

a modern bathroom with floating wooden vanity holding towels and vases against a green textured wall

Think beyond the mirror

Mirrors can be a crafty ally when it comes to both space and design. Beyond the mirror, over the vanity, consider other creative uses: Add a mirror right next to the one over your vanity or mirror a whole wall. It’s amazing what can happen when reflections affect the shapes and light in a space. Within a room, it can have the same effect as having a window.

Don’t forget the guest-bathroom essentials

Once your guest-bathroom remodel is done and you’ve transformed your old bathroom into an amazing new one, don’t forget the essentials to make sure guests have everything they need.

an open shelf with rolled white towels and pillows neatly placed

Good storage space

Because you never know how much stuff your guests will bring.

a mirrored tray holding a hand towel and products sits on a marble topped vanity

Go-to amenities

Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner, disposable razors, tissues, cotton balls, plenty of toilet paper, etc, etc.

Garbage can

They come in lots of fun shapes and sizes.

a white shelf stands against a brick wall holding white folded towels, basket containing a brown one, and vases with dried flowers

Comfy towels

You can splurge a little on this, and they’ll never forget.

Floor Mat

This is for you and for them. It boosts safety and prevents messy floors.


To add a touch of nature.

three lit decorative candles lit and surrounded by a black and white plaid blanket


They smell great, look great, and most people see them as a nice indulgence.


Just in case!

Whoever’s coming, you’ll be ready!

Now you’re loaded with guest-bathroom ideas. Whether you make small upgrades or big changes, you’re ready to go. Who’s going to be the first lucky guest to visit?

a woman stands in a bathroom wearing a sleevless top spraying her wrist with perfume