Safety Accessories

Shower Seats & Grab Bars

Add functional accessories like grips or shower seats to help keep your new bath as safe as possible.

Seniors or those with disabilities can feel in control and help prevent falls with easy-access showers and ADA compliant products. This includes bathroom safety equipment like shower grips, grab bars and safety seats.

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Feel safe, sound and stylish with a variety of accessories in complimentary finishes.

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    A safer bath or shower

    Bathroom Safety Bars

    Greater piece of mind

    Get a greater sense of assurrance with a variety of bathroom safety bar solutions, like shower grips, bath bars, and safety handles, all ADA compliant.

Shower Safety Seat

    Safety Accessories

    Shower Safety Seat

    Be more in control

    Feel safer in the tub or shower with functional accessories like bath and shower seats. These ADA-compliant products can help prevent falls and bring a greater peace of mind.

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More Bath Accessories

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    More Bath Accessories

    Little accents, big impact

    Get a truly custom shower or bath solution that fits your needs, including stylish add-ons and safety must-haves. Explore the many options of faucets, doors, seats, grips, and more.

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