Finishing Touches


They look great and work hard.

Adding ceiling trim to your new bath is a definite win-win. Not only does it enhance the beauty of your bathroom with a classic polished look, but bathroom trim also helps protect from water damage while keeping your bath area moisture-resistant.

    It's all in the details

    Color consistency

    Because Bath Fitter manufactures the acrylic used in all of our products, you can benefit from a seamless look with finishing touches that match your tub or shower and walls to a tee. Whatever color you choose from our selections, we’ll make sure it looks great in your bathroom. We want you to be as proud of your bathroom as we are when we deliver it to you.

    Even though deciding on the trims and mouldings are a big part of the bathroom renovation, don't forget about other renovation steps. The Bath Fitter team has prepared a Bathroom remodel checklist for your next bathroom remodel.


Ceilings & window trim

Top it all off

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More Bath Accessories

    Accessorize your bath or shower

    More Bath Accessories

    Little accents, big impact

    Get a truly custom shower or bath solution that has just what you need, from faucets and hand-helds to shelves and soap dishes. Browse everything from stylish add-ons to safety must-haves.

    The final piece for your shower

    Shower Moulding

    What every shower needs (and wants)

    Shower mouldings are both functional and beautiful. They serve an important function as a water-sealing joint, and provide you the ability to put a great decorative touch on your shower.


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