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Bathroom organization hacks: How to keep your bathroom organized & elegant at all times

The bathroom is an area of the house that has to tick many boxes. Whether it’s a small bathroom or a spacious one, we tend to jam pack it with a never-ending list of items. However, there are clear benefits to keeping your bathroom well-organized.

The bathroom is an area of the house that has to tick many boxes. Whether it’s a small bathroom or a spacious one, we tend to jam pack it with a never-ending list of items. However, there are clear benefits to keeping your bathroom well-organized. Besides, a well-organized bathroom is also easier to maintain and clean.

There are several different reasons why you might need some help organizing your bathroom: Maybe you need to organize a guest bathroom. Perhaps you’re moving into your first apartment and looking for ways to make your bathroom organized right from the start. Or maybe you have a tiny bathroom and you need tips to help you store everything. And maybe you’re just tired of the clutter and want to maximize your bathroom storage space — making sure all of your bathroom essentials are at hand.

Depending on your situation and preferences, you might find one strategy more effective than the other: from following bathroom organization hacks, to adding more functional bathroom furniture, to exploring creative bathroom storage ideas. Some of the factors that may shape your perspective are the available space, the number of household members and their needs and abilities, your bathroom decor style, your budget, and your willingness to put in a bit of extra time and effort.

Bathroom declutter hacks

The bathroom is such a multifunctional space. We end up storing a variety of products and items in there, from makeup and toiletries to cleaning tools and supplies. Inevitably, over time, the bathroom becomes home to things that are either unused, expired or don’t really belong there in the first place.

Decluttering is a great way to inspect each storage area, from bathroom wall cabinet and makeup table to over-the-toilet storage. This way, you ensure that your bathroom organization efforts aren’t wasted on merely moving around the same old mess.

A good way to start is by going through each bathroom storage area and separating all the products into one of the four following categories.

  • 1

    Items that you are using on a regular basis, and that you definitely need to have in the bathroom. Put these aside for further organizing.

  • 2
    Toss / recycle

    Unused or expired items that have no business getting in your way anymore. Toss these in the trash or recycling immediately and move on.

  • 3

    You have no use for these items, but someone else might. Pack them up to give away later.

  • 4

    Items that you still need, but they don’t belong in the bathroom. It’s time to find a better place for these.

Note: Remember, while you’re moving things around, it’s also a perfect time to dust and clean your bathroom.

What to keep in your bathroom

There’s always a temptation to store as many often-used items in the bathroom as possible, so they’re always at hand. However, not all of the products and supplies used in the bathroom can or should be stored there.

Bathroom organization - Cotton pads and q-tips in glass jars in sink area

What you shouldn’t store in the bathroom


Most medication and supplement manufacturers recommend storing their products in a cool dry place, which is as far as it gets from the conditions found in most bathrooms. Thus, ironically, storing medications in a bathroom medicine cabinet is to be avoided, since it may result in reducing their effectiveness or spoiling before the expiration date.


The reason is, again, humidity. It may result in some metals (sterling silver) becoming tarnished. While it may be fine to store a few items you use daily (e.g., earrings) in a small tray on the bathroom counter, make sure to store the rest of your jewelry in a cool, dry place away from the bathroom.


Perfume doesn’t take heat very well. If constantly exposed to temperature fluctuations, fragrances may lose their character or sour.

Woman sitting on the edge of a bathtub and holding her smartphone

Non-waterproof electronic equipment

As much as we are attached to our smart devices, carrying them with us everywhere we go, it is not advisable to keep your phone in the bathroom while taking a shower or a bath. Instead, you can use a waterproof wireless speaker or a shower radio to play tunes or catch up with a podcast while in the bathroom.

Woman reading a book while relaxing in bath

Books, magazines and other paperwork

The reason is simple – paper absorbs moisture, and you end up with warped pages and disfigured binding.

What not to keep in the bathroom - Close-up of beauty products, toothbrush, q-tips and nail polish organized on the countertop in the bathroom


Keeping make-up constantly exposed to humidity reduces its shelf life. Moreover, it make-up might become contaminated with germs and bacteria living in the bathroom. This means you might be running the risk of using inferior-quality products on a sensitive area of your body like your face.

Young man shaving in the bathroom in front of a mirror

Razor blades

Feel free to keep your current razor in the bathroom. Keep spare blades outside the bathroom. Humidity can dull or rust them before you even put them to use.

Blue bathroom with rolled up towels organized in a basket

Bathrobes & extra towels

Due to humidity and constant use, bathrooms are a hotbed for mold and bacteria. Bath towels and bathrobes happily absorb both moisture and fungi. Try to avoid storing extra towels in the bathroom, and make sure to dry any damp robes in your closet instead of the bathroom.

    What you can store in the bathroom and how

    Woman in bathrobe reaching to shower supplies on a shower shelf


    Toothpaste, mouthwash, eye cream, face wash, facial moisturizer, contact solution, et cetera all feel right at home in the bathroom. Normally, you’d want to keep these close to the sink with any extra supplies stored out of sight yet still within reach.

    Here are some ideas on how to organize your toiletries to avoid clutter:

    • Bathroom organizer
    • Drawer divider
    • Bathroom shelves

    Shower supplies

    Body wash, bar soap, shampoo, conditioner, razors, shaving cream, and other products that you use in the shower or tub can easily be stored in the bathroom to stay close at hand.

    Here are some ideas on how to organize and store shower supplies:

    • Shower caddy
    • Shower corner shelf
    • Shower curtain with pockets

    Hot tools

    Hairdryers, curling and flat irons are usually used and stored in the bathroom. The trick is to store them so they are easily accessible, yet don’t get in the way at the same time. Keeping them in a drawer is one option. Another option is using a dedicated hot-tool organizer. These can be attached on a wall, at the side of the sink storage, or inside the bathroom cabinet.

    First-aid kit

    A rule of thumb is to keep the first-aid kit in a place where anyone can easily find it. A good tip is to keep it in the bottom drawer. This way it can be easily found and not crowd the everyday stuff in the top drawer(s).

    Toilet paper

    Whether you are organizing a small bathroom or a larger one, aim to keep the extra rolls off the floor. In the case of a small bathroom, don’t try to store all the extra toilet paper in there. Just keep a couple rolls on hand and move the rest to another area of the house, like the laundry room.

    From decluttering to organizing

    Once you’ve decided on the items that you intend to keep in your bathroom, think of how you want them to be organized. A rule of thumb is to keep the more frequently used items close by while placing the things you use only occasionally farther away.

    Take note of whether you need any additional bathroom furniture or accessories to store the products you’re keeping there. By all means, if you add new items, try to make sure you bring in pieces that fit your bathroom style and your stored products. This should all come together, whether you choose to add a new bathroom stand, wall-mounted vanity, upgrade the pedestal sink storage or over-the-toilet cabinet. That goes double for any extra wall shelves installed or if you get a new bathroom-counter organizer and add a couple of extra towel baskets. See below for a list of some essential bathroom furniture and accessories to help you steer your organizing efforts.

    Bathroom products and supplies organized on wooden shelf and bench

    Bathroom furniture

    Bathroom storage on wheels

    While a stationary cabinet may be too bulky, especially when organizing a tiny bathroom, a rolling cart can be easily moved to suit your needs. Don’t want to invest in a new one? An older piece of furniture, like a bar cart, can be easily repurposed. Keep toiletries up top and arrange spare towels, washcloths, and toilet paper in baskets or containers in the bottom.

    Bathroom towels folded on a round wooden table and others hanging from bamboo storage ladder

    Storage ladder

    Bathroom storage ladders come in different shapes and sizes and provide a great spot for hanging towels or bathroom storage baskets. Some models also work as slanted bathroom shelf units. Ladders can be placed anywhere in your bathroom, don’t require drilling, and don’t take too much room. This makes them a great option for slim spaces and small bathrooms.

    Wooden bathroom shelves on white wall

    Bathroom shelves

    Shelves are one of most no-nonsense bathroom storage solutions. Options are seemingly endless, from modern and functional to vintage looking for a rustic touch to closely stacked and plush and ornate.

    Bathroom with white towels folded and organized under the sink

    Under-sink storage

    You can’t go wrong with extra under-sink storage space. Whether you have a wall-mounted sink or a pedestal sink, you can always add more shelving or a cabinet, under or around it, for your bathroom essentials.


    Organization of toiletries in a bathroom drawer

    Bathroom organizers

    From countertop to floor-mounted, big to small, an organizer is a great way to save space and keep the clutter away.

    Magnetic organizers

    These can work really well to help you store small, loose items like hair pins, nail clippers and makeup brushes. There are a number of options to consider: dedicated bathroom magnetic organizers, repurposing a magnetic knife rack, or adhesive magnetic strips. The nice thing about magnetic bathroom organizers is that they take little space and work just about anywhere:

    • In a medicine cabinet
    • In a drawer
    • On a wall, or any other surface you can think of

    Hair-tool holder

    Great for storing your curling iron, blow-drier, straightener and other hot tools. A dedicated hair-tool organizer can be attached on a wall, on the side of your bathroom cabinet, or inside the bathroom sink cabinet.


    White and blue bathroom with turkish towels hanging from hooks

    No matter the size of your bathroom, there never seems to be enough storage space in the closet, on the counter, and on shelves. An easy solution is to add hooks to hang towels, robes and the like. These come in a variety of shapes and colors, and a number of no-drill options are available.

    Hooks are usually more economical than bars, and if you fancy adding some character to your bathroom, you can experiment with some fun DIY ideas, such as reusing vintage door knobs as bathroom hooks.

    Spray-bottle hanger

    Stick an adhesive spray bottle hanger on a wall or on the inside of a bathroom floor cabinet, and keep your most-used bathroom cleaners always at hand.

    Lazy Susan

    Continuing with the bathroom cleaning supplies, place these on a Lazy Susan and keep them in a convenient place like the cabinet.

    Wall-outlet shelf

    Available in different configurations, these compact bathroom wall shelves allow you to store electronics like razors, electric toothbrushes, speakers, home assistants, etc. This helps reduce the usual tangle of cords and plugs.