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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The go-to place for commonly asked questions about Bath Fitter tubs and showers.

    Everything you want to know about liners, installation, and the remodeling process in one place.



    How to clean and maintain your Bath Fitter tub or shower liner.

    Our bathtubs and showers are designed to stay good-as-new for longer, and to wipe clean easily. Learn all about which cleaning materials to use, and more.


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Each location is operated locally to serve your community's unique needs, and is backed by Bath Fitter's +35 years of experience in renovation. Our local experts are happy to answer questions, explore design inspiration, and help you take the next step toward your perfect bathroom.


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With hundreds of locations across the United States and Canada, it's easy to find a store near you.


    Budgeting for your project

    No two bathrooms are the same. Each shower or bath remodel is unique. Find out what to expect and how we determine the custom price for your project.

Protecting Your Investment

    Protecting Your Investment

    Bath Fitter surfaces are engineered and manufactured with the highest quality materials to ensure a long and useful life; proper maintenance will allow you to fully benefit from this.

    We understand that this was an important investment for your home, and we want it to last a lifetime. Installing third-party accessories or using cleaners not approved by Bain Magique could void the lifetime warranty. Please take a few moments to read the Bain Magique maintenance & cleaning guidelines.