Kids’ Bathroom Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel

Thinking of redesigning your child’s bathroom? We have you covered! Keep reading to see all the ways to make this space look fun and functional.

Remodeling a child’s bathroom is all about creativity. Most top designers use different design elements — from lively hues to graphic patterns — to create chic and playful bathrooms.

Our kids’ bathroom ideas range from fun and whimsical to stylish and sophisticated, but they all have one thing in common: They make bathrooms functional for tiny tots to teens. A kid's bathroom must have three key components: It must be safe, easy to clean, and fun!

You can also add safety accessories like shower seats and grab bars for your little one. A wet tub or tile floor can get very slippery, and grab bars can enhance safety. A child can hold on to them to maintain balance while moving. A shower seat also boosts safety by providing a secure area, decreasing the chance of falls.

Let's look at six kids' bathroom ideas we love — and we're sure your child will love them, too.

Nautical inspired bathroom with blue walls and knotted mirror over vanity

Nautical Bathroom

Design Elements to Use
To create a chic nautical bathroom, add stylish porthole mirrors and images of water vessels. You can also use paint to create a fun wave motif around the top of the room. Design an imaginative space that appeals to both kids and adults by adding an industrial basin and stripping the tile work.

Kids’ Bathroom Accessories
Nautical bath toys, tumble cup, and toothbrush holder.

A modern child's bathroom with orange floor and wall tile

Modern Bathroom

Design Elements to Use
Let their bathroom reflect their love for modernity with chic tile, a minimalist vanity, white walls, a mirror with lighting, and a contemporary light fixture. A round mirror instantly elevates the style. Paint the bathroom door a soft color for visual appeal.

Kids’ Bathroom Accessories
Contemporary bathroom art, minimalist bathroom accessories.

Boy in bath playing with toy

Car-Inspired Bathroom

Design Elements to Use
Is your child wild for cars? Decorate their bathroom with a car-inspired bathmat, bathroom towels, and a shower curtain. To complete the room beautifully, you can install wallpaper with images of brightly colored cars.

Kids’ Bathroom Accessories
Car-inspired bathtub toys, bathroom towels, and bathmats.

Bathroom with pink walls and white tub

Pink Bathroom

Design Elements to Use
Pink tutus and ballerina shoes go well with a pink bathroom. Create a girly bathroom with sink vanity and patterned tile with shades of pink. A vanity in a lighter shade of pink works well with a white backdrop. The right mirror and lighting can accentuate the hue further.

Kids’ Bathroom Accessories
Pink pom poms, bathroom stool, shower curtain and towels.

A grey vintage styled bathroom with high legged sink

Vintage Bathroom

Design Elements to Use
Inspirational, whimsical, and functional, a vintage bathroom is perfect for small and big kids growing out of babyish themes. Incorporate encaustic tile with fun patterns, a vintage bathtub, and a rustic vanity. Antique lighting fixtures can also make the room pop.

Kids’ Bathroom Accessories
Vintage wall art, old bathtub toys, antique décor.

A girl in the bathtub with a cartoon shower curtain and her tongue out

Character Bathroom

Design Elements to Use
This is probably one of the easiest themes to create, thanks to the availability of fixtures and children’s bathroom accessories in all their favorite cartoons.

Kids’ Bathroom Accessories
You can add fun shower curtains, a mural, or a themed mirror. Character bath sets, towels, wall decals, toothbrushes, toothbrush holders, and cups.

A fun theme can make your kids’ bathroom extra appealing. Incorporate the theme into a shower curtain, a bathmat, tile, wall décor, and more. Also, use bathroom stools, faucet extenders, toothbrush holders, and other accessories to give a child more independence. You can check out different kid's bathroom ideas with them, find something they love, and build the room around it.

Don't forget storage! Kids have a lot of stuff — bath products, toys, colorful towels, and more. Adding baskets, extra shelving, hooks, and towel bars is always a great idea. Storage also helps you to keep the bathroom clean and hygienic.

Tips for a Kid’s Bathroom Remodel
for Different Ages

You know that it's time to remodel the kids' bathroom, you just don't know how to go about it. The first thing you need to do is focus on their age. If your children are still young, use low-maintenance or maintenance-free materials. Here are our recommendations for different age groups.

Birth to Tween Years

a close up of a bath fitter tub and seamless wall tile with face cloth and soap on ledge

For this age group, your remodel should feature a bathtub with seamless walls with no grout to clean and maintain. Use laminate or vinyl for the flooring as they make for minimal wear and tear. If you prefer a higher-end finish, choose a beautiful tile with epoxy grout. Epoxy grout can be harder to work with but doesn't stain or require sealing, making it ideal for kids' spaces.

If you don't like plain walls, try bathroom wainscoting. It provides excellent insulation and protects the walls from moisture and damage. It also creates a cozy, stylish, and rustic atmosphere and adds value to your home. Get a shower curtain with a curved rod because it gives you easy access to your child. Additionally, install hot and cold faucets, not one lever, because it can be confusing to small children.

Avoid vessel sinks because they lack overflow protectors. If your kids turn on the water and get distracted, you’ll have a huge mess to clean. You can also add cabinets with open space underneath to store your kid's bathroom stool and laundry basket. Lastly, get a toilet with a self-closing lid to prevent toys from getting flushed.

Tween to Teenage Years

A teenage boy brushing his teeth and girl blow drying her hair get ready while looking into a bathroom mirror

Teenagers are often fickle. One minute they love something, the next minute they don’t. To create a teen's bathroom they won't outgrow in a few years, make it look youthful and grown-up. Use fun colors and functional features to get the job done.

Lighting is essential at this age. There must be adequate light for tweezing eyebrows, putting on make-up, and examining the skin. The bathroom must also have plenty of storage so everyone can have their personal space. Keep toilet rolls close because kids usually forget to replace them.

Avoid using bright paint on the walls because your child’s preferences may change in a few years down the line. Instead, make the door the focal point by painting it a bright hue. Use a subtle color for the walls and floor and add dashes of color with bathroom accessories.

Choosing Age-Appropriate
Kids' Bathroom Accessories

a turquoise bath toy and bar of soap sit on a soap holder

Most children don't like bath time because it means not playing with their friends or watching their favorite television show. To create a bathroom space your kids will love, get the right accessories. Check out a few kid's bathroom ideas online to identify the most important accessories. To help your child get in the mood for bathing, think about purchasing these bathroom accessories:

For Younger Kids

Tub car toy sitting on a soap holder
  • Non-slip tub toys
  • Automatic soap dispenser
  • Sturdy bathroom stool
Girl standing on a pink stool
  • Cute, durable rugs
  • Non-slip tub mat
  • Shower curtain with a playful theme
Bath mat
  • Towel critters
  • Toothbrush kit

Older Kids

two cans of turquoise and one can of white paint lie opened on the floor
  • Bubble bath soap
  • Wall decals
  • Bathroom caddy
two wooden shelves on top of each other lined with bath products in baskets and jars
  • Toilet paper stand
  • Make-up organizer
  • Trash bin
a rustic shelf attached to the wall with a vase of dried flowers and other jars
  • Bathroom plants
  • Laundry hamper
  • Oil diffuser

Adding Kids' Bathroom Décor   

Our kid's bathroom ideas allow you to have a lot of fun designing and decorating. When it comes to kids' bathroom décor, you can explore different options before settling on one. The first and most crucial décor element is color. Bright primary colors are popular — yellowy greens, bold blues, and reds. If you're remodeling a bathroom for different genders, you can use a neutral color or other colors to decorate the space.

Wallpaper is also a popular décor element for kids' bathrooms. There are plenty of choices specifically designed for kids that feature animals, cartoon characters, and even sports. You can also get wallpaper featuring abstract geometric shapes, polka dots, stripes, or other fun designs.

When choosing curtains, linens, and other fabrics for your child’s bathroom, choose those that add visual interest and fun to the space. Pick a shower curtain with a fun design, like an underwater scene or sea life. You can also get towels with bold, fun arrangements of different animals or characters. Create a bathroom that makes your kids look forward to bathing.

How to Pick the Best Kids' Bathroom Colors

Using bright colors in a kids' bathroom gives it a fun vibe. The best thing about designing a kids' bathroom is you can play with as many colors as you want, just don't go overboard. Popular kids' bathroom colors are cerulean blue, yellow, eggshell, aqua, pale green, and sea blue.

When in doubt, go with yellow. It’s a terrific color for both boys and girls and comes in many hues. And depending on the shade you use; you can make the room soft or bold. It’s also important to stick to a single-color scheme throughout the room. If your kid's bathroom connects to their bedroom, you can use the same color scheme in both rooms.

Shopping for Kids' Bathroom Tiles

The best floor tile choice for a kid's bathroom is matte tile. While polished tile can be fine for shower walls, which make for easy cleaning, it can get slippery. You don’t want your kids falling in the bathroom, so don't use polished tile on the bathroom floor.

Get Creative: Have Fun
with Our Kids' Bathroom Ideas

a boy wearing a bathrobe sitting on the ledge of a tub with his arms out

These kids' bathroom ideas — and our expert tips — should fully equip you for your kid's bathroom remodel. Create a bathroom your kids love, and bath time will never be a struggle. Don’t forget to involve your kids in the redecorating project. After all, they’ll be the ones using the room.