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Tub To Shower Conversion

Switch your bath for an easy-access high-gloss acrylic shower guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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Reimagine your bath with ease

    Seamless bathtub conversion to walk in shower

    Reimagine your bath with ease

    Transform your bathroom with our 1-day tub-to-shower conversion solution.

    Although tub to shower remodel can be a tedious process, Bath Fitter experts will make it seem effortless by installing your new shower quickly, mess free and without demolition.

    Tub to Shower Conversion: Before & After

    See these tub-to-shower remodel projects for yourself and discover how an old bathroom can be transformed into a luxurious space in as little as 24 hours.

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Is it better to have a bathtub or shower?

Bathroom renovation not only can improve efficiency, add extra storage space and functionality, but it also gives you a chance to introduce new and improved solutions that are better suited for you and your family. If you have decided to renovate your bathroom there certainly are things that you can consider before you replace the tub with a shower.

Showers are more water-efficient which is not only important if you are climate-conscious but also can help save some money on water bills. The difference in water bill can be quite staggering as a standard-sized tub consumes approximately 30 to 35 gallons of water, but an average shower uses around 17 to 20 gallons. Other energy-efficient options in case you are not ready to convert your tub to a walk-in shower would be to add a shower to your bathtub or use an efficient showerhead.

Another thing to consider is a tub to shower conversion cost. Although Bath Fitter costs depend on various factors, such as the size of the tub and surfaces around it, state of the existing structure, plumbing or other cosmetic upgrades needed, as well as materials and services that are chosen, bathtub liners will cost less than adding a new walk-in shower to your bathroom.

Who is using this bathroom? If anyone in the household has any mobility issues, replacing the tub with a shower and adding functional safety accessories like grab bars and shower seats are the best solution for easing their daily life. Young and busy people tend to prefer walk-in showers as well, as it helps them save time and money. Consequently, bathtubs are mostly preferred by young parents as managing bathtime for kids in a shower might be quite a challenge.

Before you convert your tub to a walk-in shower it also might be important to consider maintenance and cleaning. Cleaning and effort required for the bathtub often can be an issue for people as bending over a bathtub is a lot harder than wiping down the glass of the shower enclosure.

Both showers and bathtubs have their advantages and disadvantages, so before you get involved in tub replacement to shower stalls, it is important to decide which features are the most practical for you and your lifestyle - do you like to take long baths or prefer to take showers? Do you have family members that might have different needs?


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