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Can a Bathtub Liner Really Transform My Bathroom?

Posted by on September 13, 2012 3:45 PM

The question is not if your bathroom can be transformed, but how do you want it to be transformed by a new bathtub liner? To many, bathtubs seem plain and utilitarian; they are there because they have to be and they serve a basic purpose. So “transformation” isn’t exactly the first word that comes to mind when talking of a new one, unless you’re referring to the immediate disappearance of mildew & residue. We’d like you to rethink your stance on the impact that a new bathtub liner can have, and explore the ways in which you might experience a transformation for the better…

The Look, Functionality, and Experience of your bathroom can all change dramatically.

A new and different style of tub liner can transform your bathroom’s look because it can add a design and distinct texture that is unique to your tastes. These tub liner  designs from BATH FITTER provide powerful looks for a wide array of tastes and styles.

The Aristocrat model is a no-frills, clean and classic approach. It would fit nicely in a modern-themed bathroom.

The Destiny model is like the Aristocrat in its modern fee and square cut, but provides more texture.

The Infinity model adds a bold design element and a textured surface to the bathroom.

The Princess model, befitting to its name, has softer and curvier cuts. A more delicate feel for your bathroom.

And the curvy texture on this Duchess free standing bathtub will pair splendidly with gold fixtures for an elegant look.  


Clearly, the design of your tub is an aesthetic choice that you don’t want to take lightly, as it can have a profound impact on the feel of your bathroom. To preview the transformation, use Bath Fitter’s Design Your Own Bathroom Tool.

Do you want to transform your daily experience in your bathroom as well? Tubs like the Empress are made extra deep with wide arm rests and a reclined back rest.  This is designed specifically for relaxing baths – so if that’s what you enjoy, this is the tub for you. If you’re not a bath taker, this will be the tub to change you. Regardless, this type of tub will transform how you enjoy your tub, and you might spend so much time in it that your whole daily routine might be transformed!

Lastly, the functionality of your bathroom stands to undergo a transformation from a new bathtub liner. While this change is not as pronounced as the look and feel, or as enjoyable as your new bathing experience, the upgrade in quality will be your favorite aspect of your new tub in the long run. You will have a durable, high-gloss, and scratch resistant tub that will never leak and is easy to clean.  Spend your worries elsewhere.

So can a new bathtub liner really transform your bathroom? Ultimately that’s for you to decide, but given all these options, all the pieces for the transformation are there at your disposal.

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