How Can You Create a Luxurious Hotel-style Bathroom?

If you’re looking for a little luxury and wanting to get away without “getting away”; these bathroom design ideas are exactly what you need.

Whether you want a serene spa-style bathroom or an elegant, classic bathroom from a bygone era, hotel-style bathrooms offer a wealth of design inspiration. Defined by beauty, style, and quiet elegance; lush bathrooms aren’t limited to holiday resorts and grand hotels. Create a posh bathroom in your home with just a few changes. Luxe up the space and start enjoying your prep for the day that much more.

Hotel-inspired bathrooms are a big trend in 2022. It’s easy to see why. In the age of self-care and making the most of “home,” we all want to add a touch of luxury to our bathrooms. Create a relaxing space where you can pamper yourself. Draw inspiration from luxury hotels and create the lush bathroom you’ve always wanted. It might seem hard to bring that timeless hotel look into your own bathroom, but there are key elements that you can add to achieve a five-star feel at home.

What Does a Hotel Bathroom Mean?

A hotel bathroom is pleasant, impeccably clean, and fragrant. It’s all about getting away, enjoying a new adventure, and escaping from reality. Some hotel bathrooms have a trendy European influence, whereby different elements from different eras come together to lend an eclectic, worldly feel.

Hotel style bathrooms have open and easy-to-access storage--niches in the showering area or a long vanity top. Include some concealed storage in your bathroom to avoid cluttering the space. Think streamlined and bold. You can also install shelves to enhance the design and function of your bathroom. Posh hotels also have sophisticated amenities, so it's worth paying extra for luxury features.

How to Create a Lavish Hotel-style Bathroom

a sleek elegant bathroom with enclosed cabinets and bathtub with sliding doors

Use Quality Materials

Hotel bathrooms are luxurious and use grand materials like marble, stone, and glass. If you want to replicate their style, it’s a good idea to use the same materials. High-end materials combine elegance, luxury, and comfort. Here are three we love:

marble vanity with two circular sinks divided by a display of plants and soap dishes


Marble is a material that has always been associated with luxury. It has a natural pattern that is great at reflecting light. Its pattern also complements most bathroom accessories. If you can’t afford to install a marble floor, invest in marble hotel bathroom décor. Marble ages well and the patina it develops over time provides a soft, warm look for a bathroom. Use Carrara marble on the bathroom floor, shower, and above the tub to infuse Old World opulence into the space.

a luxurious bathroom with stone wall focal point and double vanity


Natural stone countertops, floors, and walls offer organic beauty and durability. Stone is a great choice for homeowners who want the “wow factor” of this ageless building material. The bathroom is one place where a more lavish home-away-from-home look is doable. Using natural stone adds tons of sophistication and beauty.

a stunning bathroom with dark blue cabinets and double vanity with two circular mirrors


No matter which hotel bathroom design you choose, incorporate luxury bathroom fixtures. Brass is used in many hotel bathrooms because it’s bold and makes a visual statement even when there are other design elements vying for attention. But brass isn't your only choice when looking for high-end bathroom fixtures. You can also use satin nickel or oil-rubbed bronze fixtures. High-end bathroom fixtures add a luxurious and artistic feel to the space and extend the longevity of the design.

White podium bath insert

It’s All About the Tub

There’s nothing more relaxing than soaking in your dream bathtub or an oversized tub. Instead of sticking to standard bathtubs, you can add a large, free-standing tub. It brings lavishness to your bathroom.

Bath Fitter ® can be a great option since tubs are their specialty. The acrylic finish of their liners, which offers an eternally polished look, lends to the design of luxury. Whether it is a free-standing tub or podium tub, they offer solutions that fit your needs. If you lack the space, add a slim-edge bath in a standard size. It adds the luxurious feeling of a spacious bath without taking up too much room.

Add Designer Details

an open white ladder shelf with rolled up towels and framed pictures

Invest in Plush Towels

If you want to make your bathroom look like it came right out of a magazine, add plush towels. Hotel-style bathrooms around the world have the finest of everything, including towels. Get fluffy, oversized towels for you and your family. Many hotels use white towels to keep laundry routines easy, but some upscale resorts feature linens in calming colors like greens and blues.

To add a personal touch, have the towels monogrammed. Keep them warm with a heated towel rack. And don't forget to get matching bathrobes. After a long soak in the tub, you’ll enjoy wrapping yourself in something warm and fluffy.

Bring Nature Indoors

Bring the outdoors inside. It’s an easy way to transform your bathroom. Plants also help filter toxins in the air. It’s important to forge a connection to nature in your bathroom, a place where you recharge. Humidity-loving greenery like snake plants and Boston ferns thrive in bathrooms.

Plants create a calming and natural atmosphere, which allow you to add color and personality to your bathroom with minimal effort. If your bathroom is small, suspend hanging baskets from the ceiling to create a luxe look. Decorate with green plants, stones, wood, and natural, rustic textures.

potted plant in white vases on a marble vanity
a woman relaxes in a bubble bath with her head resting on a pillow

Add Waterproof Pillows

Foamy bubbles, bath trays, and soothing candles elevate your self-care ritual, but cushiony, luxurious pillows can enhance your comfort. They won’t get wet and they cradle your head, neck, and back against your tub's ledge. Making your tub comfortable can turn bathing into a spa-worthy experience.

a an inviting pastel bathroom with walk in shower and tub

Install High-End Amenities

Make a hotel-bathroom design a reality with the right amenities. Most luxury bathrooms have a bathtub, a shower, and a toilet in one room. Really add pizzazz with amenities like floor heating, a walk-in shower, a heated towel rack, an anti-fog mirror, and contemporary lighting fixtures. Don’t forget to add beauty and skincare products, which lend that pampered feeling.

candles, face cloths and bath bombs placed together

Stimulate Your Senses

To evoke fond memories of that luxury hotel experience, add the dimension of scents. Essential oils, multi-layered shampoos, and scented soaps replicate tat relaxed, pampered feel. The quickest and simplest way to upgrade your bathroom is to inject a signature scent. Rejuvenate and revitalize with scents like lavender, jasmine, tea tree, and eucalyptus. Turn your bathroom routine into a multi-sensory experience.

Enjoy Luxury at its Finest

a silver tray adorned with a cup of coffee and macaroons sits on the ledge of a bathtub

After designing your own luxury bathroom, indulge! Spend 30 to 60 minutes in the tub while eating strawberries and cream. You will feel rejuvenated. Whatever your notion of a hotel bathroom, bring it to life in your own space. For more inspiration, head over to Bath Fitter ® and check out our hotel-inspired bathrooms.