Three criteria for great baths (and one that’s even more important than the others)

You might not know it, but the modern version of the shower we enjoy today has only been around for the last century. That said, bathroom tiles and shower wall materials date back to ancient Greece and Rome.

If you’ve ever thought about getting your bath remodeled, there’s a good chance that one of these was one of your first questions:

  • 1

    What am I going to do during the days (or weeks?!?!) of construction?

  • 2

    Will it look the way I really want it to look?

  • 3

    Who can I trust to do a good job—be on time, clean up, and take care of my home, and install a bath that lasts?

After 35 years in business, and over 2 million bath installations, we’ve learned a lot about installing baths and showers that people love, as well as what they love—and hate—about it.

It Just Fits - Bathroom - Style

The three criteria…

We know you have busy lives, so we’ve developed a process that fits your schedule.

We know our world has exploded with choices, and it’s no different when it comes to your new bath. We offer hundreds of styles so you can custom design a bath that makes you smile every time you see it.

We know you don’t want to do this again for a long time, so we’ve created the materials and installation techniques that meet the highest of standards and expectations.

It Just Fits - Bathroom - Standards

…and the really big one

All that said, maybe the most important thing we’ve learned is that great baths start with people. Everything we do revolves around people. Of course, that includes our customers—what they want, what they need, and how they get it. Going all the way back to the beginning, the key to our business has been about being a good fit for our customers—how we fit into their lives.

And just as important, it’s about the people of Bath Fitter, from our guys in the warehouse to our folks in the office to our installers in your homes. Our people are a top priority for us and a big part of what enables us to install baths that make people happy.

Our goal is to provide a bath remodel experience that fits your schedule, your style, and your high standards. It’s why we say that when it comes to considering Bath Fitter for your bath remodel, It Just Fits.

Here are the three important ways Bath Fitter is built around you.

We fit your schedule so you don’t have to sweat the details

It Just Fits - Your Schedule

It’s going to take HOW long?

Bath Fitter was born when our founders asked a simple question: Does a bath remodel really need all of that messy demolition and all those days of construction?

Working out of their garage workshop, our founders—three brothers, actually--created a process to perfectly and seamlessly fit a beautiful and durable tub liner over an existing one, with no need for demolition, saving time and costs, and sparing bathrooms from being torn apart. Over 35 years later, we’ve worked to perfect the way we work so we can create beautiful new baths, and still take into account real people's needs. That’s how we can install your tub or shower in as little as one day.

We fit the process around you, not the other way around

It starts with a free consultation, done either virtually or in your home. Our Bath Fitter consultant will answer any questions and let you know exactly what to expect. Our design consultant will take detailed measurements so we’re ready to make your custom bath.

Your tub and wall is then carefully manufactured—in buildings a lot bigger than our founder’s garage—in one piece custom molded acrylic sheets to fit your home’s precise measurements. It arrives ready to be installed, right over your existing bath.

On your installation day, we fit your schedule by letting you know when we’ll be at your door, and we show up on time. We clean up as if it were our own house. And we do it all in as little as one day.

Our installers aren’t just pros, they’re people, and they care about finding out what’s important to you and doing the job right. It’s no surprise that they not only get great reviews, they also get remembered. Our customers often know their installer’s name and pass it on to family and friends. It’s that memorable of a positive experience.

We fit your style so you get what you want and need

It Just Fits - Your Style

When you think about style, you may think about your ideal tub shape, or color, or your wall pattern and accessories. The faucets! The doors! The wainscotting! It all matters when it comes to making your bath look amazing.

You may also think about your specific needs, depending on where you are in life, who you live with, and what your situational needs may be. We’ve got you covered.

Your bath, your way

Trends come and go but your Bath Fitter tub or shower will always be in style. And it will be your style. Because you get to design it, with our fun and easy-to-use interactive Design Your Own Bath (DYOB) tool on the Bath Fitter website.

With DYOB, you can pick everything from the tub front to the walls, the shelves and soap dishes. We offer hundreds of design options so you can play and plan. Handheld,  adjustable, or velocity showerhead? So many to choose from. Go to town!

Thinking beyond the bath

When you’re ready to think beyond the bath, we’re ready for you with custom solutions like replacing your old bathtub with a new shower. You may like the feel of a spacious new shower, or want to step in and out of the shower with ease. Bath Fitter custom-made shower liners fit like a glove over your current unit. Seamless wall liners eliminate grout and wipe clean easily. And you can customize your dream shower with accessories of your choosing.


Bath Fitter’s DYOB tool also enables you to add functional accessories like grips or shower seats to help keep your new bath as safe as possible. Seniors or those with disabilities can feel in control and help prevent falls with easy-access showers and ADA compliant shower solutions. With Bath Fitter, style and safety go hand in hand, so you can feel at ease with a variety of accessories that also look great.

But wait, there’s (way) more

Because we fit our baths and showers around you, we go to great lengths—and interesting places—to make sure your bath and shower is what you want and need. Mobile home? Dorm? Hotel? Check, check, and check. Day camps, cruise ships…there’s almost nowhere we can’t, or haven’t, installed a great bath. We can work around just about anything. Try us!

As long as we’ve been doing this, we still keep coming up with new design possibilities. We’re here to make your dreams come true and we won’t be satisfied until your bath is just as you want it. 

We fit your standards and make sure your remodel lasts

It Just Fits - Your Standards

Your bath remodel may fit your schedule, and it may look exactly the way you want, but it really doesn’t matter if the quality isn’t exceptional.

The only way to do things

At Bath Fitter, we know you only want to do this once. So we only do it one way: The right way. It may not always be the easiest way, but as far as we’re concerned, it’s the only way, and it’s how we’ve been doing it since we opened our doors.

We control the entire process, from manufacturing to installation. We only use our Bath Fitter people, never a third party supplier or someone we don’t know. Our people know our process and repeat it successfully. It’s the ultimate in quality control. 

To make sure our materials are the very best, we manufacture our own premium one-piece high-gloss acrylic sheets, among the most durable on the market. They’re molded into watertight seamless walls that fit precisely over your old bath. We make no compromises, so you don’t feel like you’ve made one.

A guarantee that’s hard to beat

We’re so confident in our quality, every bath and shower comes with a lifetime guarantee. Not much more to say about this other than, Who does this!?! Nobody we know.

The other Most Important Thing

Not only are we committed to the highest quality product, we’re committed to the very best people. Remember when we mentioned at the top of this post that great baths revolve around great people? It’s still true down here at the bottom. In fact we like to think our people shine as brightly as our baths. We’re a family-run business that treats our people like family, earning “Best Places to Work” accolades many years running. We like to have fun together too!

It Just Fits, in more ways than one

Ever since our founding brothers answered the question “Does a bath remodel really need all of that messy demolition and all those days of construction?” (the answer is still No!), we’ve been perfectly fitting beautiful and high quality tubs and showers over old ones, in ways that fit your schedule, your style, and your high standards.

Our goal in everything we do is to perfectly fit your life. It all starts with our people, and it all ends with you.