Outdated Decorating Trends for Bathrooms


With each new year comes the opportunity to start fresh, rejuvenate your style, and take a new approach to your home decor. Everyone has their own unique taste, but the beginning of the year is the perfect time to get inspired by the newest, sought-after trends and try to reimagine your living space. You can go all out and embrace something entirely new, or you can tweak your style to make it more contemporary.

As you know, trends oftentimes go out of style and make a comeback when you least expect it. So you may see some of these old things until they gain popularity again in a few years. For now, we will make sure you stay on top of the newest trends, as well as inform you about the ones that aren’t so hot anymore. In this article, we will cover all of the bases when it comes to what outdated decorating trends you can leave in the past.

Bathroom Trends to Avoid

There are plenty of trends that we already know are out of style, but some trends you might not be aware of went out of style this past decade. Let’s cover all the bases and look at what is in or out for the new year.

Ditch the Clutter

well organized white bathroom with folded towels under the vanity

It’s important to think about the functionality of your space instead of just how it looks. Interior design is based on more than appearance. You should strive to build a space that is not only beautiful but addresses your health and wellbeing. Cluttered spaces are one of the bathroom trends to avoid this year.

Having tons of items crowding your bathroom will gather dust and make it harder to clean. Believe it or not, clutter has also been proven to decrease your mood and increase your stress level. With all of this in mind, focus on making your bathroom clean, organized and relaxing. Declutter crowded countertops and shelving.

Oversized Tubs

Another trend that seems to be losing popularity is the use of oversized tubs. They are quickly becoming one of the decorating trends to avoid.

Sometimes bigger is better, but not when it comes to something in your bathroom space. Having a tub that is large enough to comfortably soak and relax in is fine, but anything larger is less desirable. An oversized tub takes up precious space, which can leave your bathroom feeling cramped and uncomfortable.

Granite Countertops

The use of granite countertops in your bathroom has made it on the list not necessarily for being outdated or out of style, but because there are a couple of other options to explore. Since 2016, the use of granite countertops has been in decline. Homeowners are turning to other materials, like quartz or limestone.

While granite is typically cut from pure stone slabs, engineered quartz is a composite of ground quartz and resin, making it the stronger, more durable material. Limestone is a great option to explore as well because, aside from its growing popularity and its ability to add value to your home, it’s an alternative to marble because of its remarkable resemblance. Marble is loved but it’s also more expensive, which makes limestone such a popular choice. While granite isn’t necessarily one of the outdated decorating trends to avoid, it may be something to consider swapping out for another material just for the sake of changing things up.

Elaborate Lighting Fixtures

Elaborate and garish lighting fixtures are becoming less popular as the years go by and, as such, are one of many decorating trends to avoid. A fantastic alternative to chandeliers or other bold lighting fixtures in your bathroom is the use of recessed lighting. This type of lighting has become increasingly popular over the last decade, one of the main reasons being that it can make even a small bathroom feel larger.

If you have a tiny bathroom and you want to give the illusion of a more spacious room, it may be a good idea to consider installing recessed lighting. It’s also great because you get to choose where you want your lighting focal points to be, like over the tub, shower, and sink.

Glass Block Windows

close-up shot of a glass block window

Glass block windows may ensure a bit more privacy when it comes to utilizing them in your bathroom space, but they have faded in popularity and made the list for bathroom trends to avoid. Glass Block windows date back to the 1900s, and they do give an outdated impression.

You often chose windows for the natural light that they emit. A more up-to-date window trend is to go big or go home, and allow a ton of light and air into a room to open it up and make it feel larger. Glass Block windows only serve to make a bathroom seem smaller simply due to their cloudy appearance and inability to let in as much light. If you are looking to change something about your bathroom but you don’t know where to start, try removing the glass blocks.

Use of Copper

There’s no doubt that using copper in your bathroom once made headlines. It was a bold design move. It demanded the attention of anyone who entered, and it was incredibly unique for some time. Now, the use of copper has lost its luster and has become one of the bathroom trends to avoid.

When it comes to fixtures, buyers gravitate toward chrome, brushed or satin nickel, and stainless steel. All of these materials are versatile, durable, and they go with practically anything. Metals like brass and bronze are more favorable since they stand up to moisture and heavy usage quite well.

Fish Scale Tiles

Fish scale tiles may be the perfect option for the fan of ocean-inspired decor, but not for many other people. This is a very important thing to keep in mind if you ever plan to sell your home. This style of tile isn’t the most popular among buyers.

If you are hooked on mermaids or you love the look of scales, we suggest steering clear from this trend. Try ocean-themed artwork instead.

What’s Trendy? What’s Not?

Now that we have gone over some decorating trends that won't be joining us in the new year, let’s look at some more specific wall and accessory decorating trends that might become dated.

Is crown molding outdated?

brown painted bathroom with white wainscot and crown molding

It’s not so much about crown molding being outdated or being one of the decorating trends to avoid, because it’s neither of those. It’s more about whether or not it suits your personal style and your home's current design and structure.

Seeing that crown molding will work for your space really depends on your home's style, or the style you are going for, and of course your ceiling height. These factors should all be considered when deciding if you want to install crown molding because it’s easy for it to make or break your space.

If you have higher or vaulted ceilings, crown molding can add a much-needed touch to the design of your home. Molding is used to define your ceilings and add something a little extra when it comes to detail, but in a room with shorter ceilings, this can make everything appear smaller. If your ceilings are not as high, and you are still set on going the crown molding route, opt for a thin style that is painted the same color as the ceiling or skip the crown molding altogether.

Is wood trim outdated?

clean bathroom with white trims, a wooden ladder shelf and an all white bathtub

Interior wood trim is a key design detail found in nearly every room of your home. While wood trim in general is technically not one of the decorating trends to avoid this year, the look and style of the trim are what matter most.

Many people often overlook their wood trim and leave it as is when they move in. Fresh-painted wood trim can offer an updated look while significantly transforming the appearance and feel of your home. It seems that wood-stained trim is leaning toward being dated and less preferred, while painted matching trims are much more popular today.

Are accent walls outdated?

beautiful blue bathroom with a white bathtub and a geometric patterned blue wallpaper

While they don’t fall under the list of outdated decorating trends, there are quite a few pros and cons to consider if you are planning on having an accent wall in your home.


  • 1

    Great for smaller spaces.

  • 2

    More design options available because you don’t necessarily have to use paint. You can use other materials like wallpaper, wood panels, exposed brick, tile or natural stone.

  • 3

    Helps divide a larger space.


  • 1

    Sometimes distracts from other decor.

  • 2

    Using the wrong color can break up the cohesion of your home's overall design. Can also sharply divide the area from the rest of your home.

  • 3

    Can lack personality. Consider using a bold piece of artwork instead.

With all of this in mind, you can make the decision as to whether or not an accent wall is right for the space you have in mind.

Are curtains outdated?

purple bathroom with white wainscot and a window with shades

Blinds and shades seem to be the go-to options of this era while curtains may be heading toward becoming one of the decorating trends to avoid. It all depends on where you plan to use blinds or shades.  

Shades or blinds can give your bathroom space a fresh, clean look; moreover, they are much easier to clean and sanitize. Material curtains can retain unwanted smells and bacteria when used in a bathroom. Curtains may be a more suitable option for other spaces in your home, like bedrooms, kids’ rooms, or living rooms.

Are jetted tubs out of style?

The idea of a jetted tub may be appealing, but it’s actually becoming a bathroom trend to avoid due to it being less functional and more expensive than a regular tub.

Jetted tubs are noisy and can be distracting when you are trying to soak peacefully. They tend to completely drain traditional hot water tanks and result in high-energy costs. They are bulky and call for more space. Moreover, they often require more maintenance due to many mechanical elements being involved. While jetted tubs aren’t out of style for aesthetic reasons, they are going out of style due to lack of functionality.

Are chrome fixtures out of style?

close-up shot of a chrome showerhead

In short, the answer to this question is no. Chrome is one of the most popular choices for bathroom fixtures. Chrome will most likely never go out of style.

Chrome goes with various color schemes, whether you go with plain white, neutral warm tones or bold and bright shades. Chrome is also incredibly easy to clean and has good corrosion resistance. You can simply wipe away any marks or smears with a damp cloth before drying it off with a towel. This won't be making the list of decorating trends to avoid.

Are travertine floors outdated?

bathroom with travertine floor and a brown wooden vanity

Travertine floors have the potential to look outdated and less stylish when paired with certain materials but can add character when paired with more current, classic looks.

They are also incredibly durable, easy to repair should there ever be a problem, and they’re great conductors of heat. Bear in mind that they retain cold as well, which can be a negative of installing them in your bathroom.

Are cornice boards outdated?

Not necessarily, it depends on the cornice board and the look you want. Fabric cornice boards can, at times, lend an outdated look while the wood-alternative can look much more modern and stylish when used over blinds and shades. They can be deliberately styled to look antique along with the rest of the decor, or they can be styled to look very modern.

Cornice boards add firm lines to the window, making them appear longer and grander. They also can hide the head-rail of curtains.

Your Perfect Bathroom. It’s Closer Than You Think

classy grey bathroom with a beautiful all white shower and black vanity

Now that you know about all of these outdated decorating trends, you will be able to create the perfect bathroom space in your home, one that is comfortable, stylish, and renewed. If you want inspiration for bathroom designs that are actually trendy, perhaps you’d like to read our article about Master Bathroom Ideas. Bath Fitter’s timeless styles allow you to experiment with whatever trends are current because our tubs and showers go with everything, and we have the perfect selection for whatever route you plan on taking. Whenever you are ready to start renovating, be sure to keep us in mind.