Bathroom Trends for the New Year, 2022

Start the year off right with the latest bathroom trends to prepare your home for 2022. We have investigated the latest styles and designs to inspire you for your new bathroom remodel.

The New Year brings the promise of new beginnings, new designs, and of course, new style! With 2020 came sheltering in place and a heightened awareness of hygiene in our homes. This year was different; indeed, 2021 taught us to appreciate our homes, nature, loved ones, and simplicity.

In 2022, bathrooms will again be in the spotlight as hygiene continues to be top of mind. They have become in-home retreats resembling personal spas. The latest bathroom trends have something for every aesthetic palette, whether you want a quick update for the bathroom or you’re committing to a full remodel.

Infusing your space with what’s "au courant" can be tricky. To help you make sense of it all, we've compiled a list of the latest bathroom trends and must-have bathroom inclusions for 2022. Here are our favorites; the ones that will leave your home — and you — feeling refreshed.

Bringing Nature Inside with Home Decor

We all enjoy being surrounded by nature and feeling its presence. Obviously, we can't live outdoors, so we must find ways to bring nature inside our homes. There are many ways to bring small doses of nature into your bathroom to boost your mood and health. Add pizzazz to your space with a little help from Mother Nature with these home decor elements.

A wooden ladder stands up against a white tiled wall beside a toilet
Photo by Charles Deluvio


Wood provides a soothing natural touch and adds a spa-like feel to spaces. Warm wood textures connect your bathroom with outdoor spaces, blending rustic charm with modern solutions. Use wood-inspired bathroom ideas to add luxury and harmony to your bathroom. Easily transform the space with both light and dark wood accents.

Many past color schemes are still popular this year, but few are as trendy as the wood and white color palette. And it is not just limited to the bathroom. White brings modernity to the setting, while wood adds timeless appeal without ever altering the color scheme. Wooden vanities and storage units have always been classics for bathrooms, and they are still popular this year. To complete your stylish and curated space, add a wood-framed mirror.


Include a healthy dose of plant life in your bathroom to infuse life and beauty. Living plants make a bathroom a pleasant space, improving the decor and air quality. The warmth and humidity in the room provide the perfect environment for plants.

Get plants that thrive in humidity like air plants, aloe, and bamboo. Bamboo will give your bathroom some serious spa vibes. If you aren’t blessed with a green thumb, you can always give succulents a shot.

A baamboo plant sits on a wooden block beside a tub with bath products
A stone vase with a plant sits on the edge of a tub with a backdrop of terracotta tiles

Terracotta Tile

Bathroom tile trends keep changing over the years, but terracotta tile has stood the test of time. Its natural aesthetic, cool feel and distinct texture make it a unique option for flooring and décor. It gives a bathroom a warm, rustic ambiance.

Terracotta tiles do much more than add aesthetic appeal to a bathroom. A terracotta-tiled floor in a Spanish revival style bathroom or a Mediterranean bathroom with loads of patterns can provide the perfect backdrop. It is neutral, understated, and it never stands in your way of trying bolder colors or new bathroom ideas.

Warm Colors

Sherwin-Williams has announced that Evergreen Fog is its 2022 Color of the Year. The tranquil gray-green hue takes inspiration from nature and brings a regenerative touch to any environment. If you crave a subtle yet stunning bathroom, go with warm colors inspired by nature. Surrounding yourself with a neutral palette can create a calm and peaceful feeling. Warm colors remind us of sunlight and sand.

A warm inviting bathroom with wooden floors and floating vanity

Natural Stone

Natural stone adds immediate visual impact, transforming a utilitarian space into a thing of beauty. Stone has long been used for countertops, but more designers are now using the material to finish the entire bathroom. Marble and other natural stones make a bold statement of elegance and style. 

The idea of stone in the bathroom is not new, but over the last few decades, designers have moved from modest and rustic alternatives to stylish and polished options that ooze opulence. Today's homeowner wants a blend of contemporary and classic, which has helped revive the popularity of stone walls, stone flooring, and stone countertops.

Earthy Textures

While color is often the first thing we turn to when we want to spruce up a lacklustre room, the texture is an equally effective design tool. Introducing texture to a bathroom brings depth and dimension. This year, dress up your bathroom walls in natural materials like wood and marble. You can also use paint or wallpaper with textured effects. Instantly liven up the room without taking up surface space.

Vanities, Tubs, and Faucets, Oh My!

Bathrooms are often seen as the least stylish rooms in our home. They are sometimes viewed as utilitarian spaces where we dry our hair, perfect our skincare routine, or brush our teeth. However, they’re filled with endless possibilities, and only a little creativity is needed.

This year, there are plenty of ways to make a style statement in your bathroom. Want to create a spa-like oasis? Add a deep, soaking tub and stylish lighting. Want a bathroom that can withstand design trends? Install classic Carrara marble, a walk-in shower, and double vanity. Longing to show off your bold side? Go big with a statement chandelier. These three bathroom fixtures will be huge in 2022.

Industrial Style Sinks

Many post-industrial warehouses worldwide have been converted into gorgeous houses, giving birth to a chic, stylized form of industrial style. The design trend marries functionality, decorative statements with an organic, lived-in feel to create the perfect play of contrasts. Sink basins made of concrete, hammered copper and brushed nickel can quickly become the focal point of your bathroom.

High ceilings, exposed brick and industrial light fixtures all add to this sought-after look.

Floating Vanities

Floating bathroom vanities are a hot new trend in 2022. They offer a lot in style, space-saving design, and come in many styles and finishes. A floating vanity instantly takes a bathroom from outdated to "à la mode" by creating the illusion of added space. It also adds certain chic with a minimalist feel.

Depending on their design, floating vanities can be a modern accent or blend into bathroom surroundings for a clean look. They work well in contemporary bathrooms but can also pair with more traditional or eclectic designs.

A wooden floating vanity is against a white tiled wall with a circular white sink

Brass and Gold Hardware

Metals like gold, brass, and copper are still trending this year. Brass and gold bathroom faucets, light fixtures, and accessories are inviting, flattering, and subtly glamorous. But don't let metallics become just another neutral in your bathroom, draw attention to them in the most stylish way.

Spa Bathrooms

A woman wrapped in a towel sits on the edge of a tub in a relaxing styled bathroom feeling the water with her hand

As functional as your bathroom can be, it can serve as a personal retreat at the end of a long day. To bring the feeling of being at a spa into the room, add wood accents, thick towels, plants, earthy hues of paint, and reduce visual clutter.

You don’t have to leave your home to find peace and tranquility, especially when your relaxation routine involves soaking in the tub while listening to soothing music in the background.

Whether you’re looking to turn your bathroom into your own little oasis or simply want to make a couple of changes, draw inspiration from the latest bathroom trends. Create a self-care oasis that allows you to relax at home.

Design Choice of 2022: Scandinave

Relaxing in the tub or sprucing up before going out calls for a serene environment. No matter how you spend your time in the bathroom, the words "relaxing" and "calming" should come to mind every time you step inside the room.

The simplest way to make sure that happens is by reflecting Scandinavian design. Scandinavian decor is calm, peaceful, and relaxing. Our bathroom design choice of 2022, Scandinave, is all about modern aesthetics, light colors, and simplicity.

a scandinavian styled bathroom with Bath Fitter tub and wooden floating vanity

Get This Look

Scandinavian bathrooms are minimalist, elegant, and have natural touches. Use a light color scheme and lots of natural wood to recreate this look for a warm feel. Use all-neutral colors: white, off-white, tan, beige, or light grey. Add plants to bring in greenery and add a fresh feel to the room.

Pair white with wood to create a cheerful interior. A bathroom designed with white and wood might look raw at first glance, but it’s easy to warm up: Add a stylish rug and wicker baskets for towels and cosmetics. Avoid unnecessary accessories in your Scandinavian bathroom with a focus on clean and simple lines.

Simplicity, utility, and beauty are the hallmarks of Scandinavian design. Find simple, minimalist lighting fixtures in white or neutral colors. They should be practical, clean-lined, and space-saving. If you install subtle yet glamorous brass faucets and matching fixtures, add simple vanity lights with exposed bulbs. The complementary gold light will look stunning.

Turn Your Bathroom into a Sanctuary in 2022

Young woman relaxing in a bath full of foam

Creating the bathroom of your dreams may seem like a massive undertaking with so many bathroom ideas to choose from, but a home renovation will pay off, especially if the bathroom is included. Start the New Year right and give your bathroom the love it deserves.