Top 5 Master Bathroom Design Trends for 2022

If you're looking for some bathroom ideas for your next remodel, you'll love these 2022-bathroom trends. Create a master bath that will suit your needs and soothe your soul.

A luxurious master bathroom is something every homeowner dreams of. But designing the perfect ensuite takes some creativity. If you're looking for some bathroom ideas for your next remodel, you'll love these 2022-bathroom trends. Create a master bath that suits your needs and soothe your soul.

Sometimes, it's the small things that bring you joy: a new faucet, a bathroom mirror, a fancy showerhead, or extra bathroom storage. Don't underestimate what new pieces of decor can do for your bathroom. A new mirror, for example, alters your bathroom's entire look and makes a style statement. If you're ready to build your dream bathroom in 2022, look to these bathroom ideas for inspiration.

Art Deco Design–Gatsby-Inspired Elegance

Gatsby inspired glamourous bathroom with art deco style bronze faucets and double mirrors

Roaring ’20s, here we come! One 2022-bathroom trend that’s inspired by the elegance of a bygone era is Art Deco. Who wouldn’t want to be reminded of the opulence and style of the 1920s, with its clean, straight, elegant lines and geometric design? Bring Gatsby-inspired glamor to your bathroom with easy style swaps with some Art Deco color schemes.

Matte-black hexagonal bathroom floor tiles create patterns that play against the straight, clean lines of the beautiful and seamless Napoli bathroom wall. Muted golds and brushed metal add the perfect finish to the bathroom mirrors. A Quartz bathtub adds a finishing touch with its recessed Art Deco lines.

Romantic French Provincial Style

A French Provincial styled bathroom with two white basins sitting on a rustic table and wicker basket below

With its simple beauty and rustic style, the French Provincial look brings understated elegance to any bathroom. Hints of mauve and subtle browns and grays characterize the classic French country cottage look. If you want a softer look, this is the bathroom design for you.

Elegant faucets that are beautiful to look at and touch sit on top of large circular washbasins. The playful layout of the Rimini bathroom wall brings a relaxed look to any bathroom and lets you add rustic decor like country-style shelving and cabinets.

Inspired globetrotter

Green tiled splash back with double mirrors and salmon colored wash basins

2020 might have prevented you from indulging in your love for travel, but a hotel-inspired bathroom can create the perfect holiday mood. Mix ideas from some of your favorite trips abroad or include items from some places you've always dreamt of visiting.

Remind yourself of that trip to Italy with a Milano wall pattern or bamboo touches from travels through Asia. Revisit that spa weekend with a Quartz tub. The global traveler look, with its eclectic style, allows you to use materials that normally wouldn't be seen together—like concrete basins combined with wooden backsplashes. Draw inspiration from your favorite vacations.

Scandinavian Simple

A clean wood-trimmed Scandinavian styled bathroom

If everything around you is a bit too hectic, the bathroom is always the best place to relax and unwind. The Scandinavian design is often praised for its unique simplicity and minimalist approach. It heeds the idea of “less is more.” This doesn't mean you get rid of all your bathroom accessories, just add a few Zen-inspired decor pieces to help bring a calmer mood to your space.

Zen-inspired color schemes include combinations of black, brown, or gray. Use these colors on the walls, ceiling, and floor. White walls with red paneling and black hardware also create a feeling of serenity, cleanliness, and purity.

The Rustic Look

A vintage bathroom with mosaic tile floor, wooden ceiling and turkish towels

Old and weathered may seem contrary to the modern look some people want in a bathroom design, but it doesn't have to be. Using aged materials from rural settings can add a welcoming feel of relaxation and comfort.

Try adding striking decor choices that contrast with white, textured walls. Get a mirror with an old, wood-grain frame. Reclaimed wood makes for a beautiful countertop. Other elements, like natural stone or exposed brick, also lend your bathroom character.

Material Trends for Your Master Bathroom in 2022

The style of any bathroom depends on the choice of materials. Natural, soft materials on a wall or floor inform the rest of the bathroom with similar decor and stylistic touches. A contemporary look and luxurious design are reflected in the materials you choose. Here are a few materials we expect to trend in 2022.

Classic Marble

Modern bathroom vanities with marble wall and gold faucets and mirror

Marble is a constant feature in almost all this year’s bathroom design styles and trends. This beautiful and natural material adds a touch of elegance and glamor to any bathroom setting. It also creates a unique environment, since no two marble patterns look alike.

Warm Wood

A nice bathroom with wooden floor and vanity, a white bathtub and caramel colored walls

Wood is one of the most beautiful materials you can use in a bathroom. It radiates warmth and comfort. And when used on a countertop or on storage units, it lends its own unique characteristics to a room.

Timeless Gold

Nothing spells luxury like gold. It’s a bathroom material that will never go out of style. In 2022, gold accents will be a popular choice for adding that extra hint of opulence. Add gold bathroom faucets or cabinet handles. The material complements other bathroom materials like marble, ceramic, and stone.

Exquisite Glass

White bathroom with lots of natural light and an all white shower featuring glass door and shower shelves

Everyone dreams of a bathroom that’s light and airy. A great way to achieve this look, no matter your budget, is to swap heavy opaque pieces for glass ones. Add space to your bathroom visually by replacing the shower curtain with easy-to-clean glass paneling and doors.

Mix It Up and Combine Your Favorites

The best master bathroom design is one that reflects your personal taste. Have fun combining a variety of materials to create a completely new and unique design that reflects your personality. Get a bleached wood countertop and stone tiling. If you prefer a clean and modern look, use chrome fixtures and 3D tile. The choices are endless.

Top Bathroom Color Trends for Your Master Bathroom in 2022

Bathroom with blue walls and white wainscoting featuring a white bathtub with subway tile walls and a glass door

A Natural Touch of Green

2022 is the perfect year to turn a new leaf, so it’s no surprise that bathroom color trends focus on freshness. Draw inspiration from the great outdoors and make the most of green hues. From sage to olive to jungle green, these soothing hues perfectly complement bathroom plants.

Chic and Neutral Matte Black

Imageboard of black and white bathroom elements including tile  and other accents

There's nothing bolder than the use of black as an accent. And in 2022, matte black is what designers and homeowners are drooling over. Not only does it create a cool atmosphere, it also adds texture to a master bathroom. You can get matte black tiles and contrast the color with lighter colors.

Luxurious Gold, Nickel, and Bronze

Navy blue bathroom vanity with bronze faucets and a bronze framed mirror

Often used as materials for faucets and handles, gold, nickel, and bronze create a look and feel of luxury throughout the entire bathroom. Go bold and add some bronze-colored faucets. Create a striking backsplash with gold tiling. Add brushed nickel lighting fixtures or towel holders. You can never go wrong with these timeless metallic colors.

Japanese-Inspired Red, Pink, and Yellow

A Japanese bathroom is soft, warm, and has a natural feel. You can channel colors that are reminiscent of a cherry orchard in full bloom: reds and pinks accentuated with touches of sunny yellow. Combine these to create a color scheme that will leave you feeling calm and happy. Add natural accents like bamboo to pay homage to the beauty of Japan’s forests.

Cool Blue and Purple

Design board of the pantone color of the year very peri

Pantone’s color of the year for 2022 is Very Peri. Pantone describes it as a dynamic periwinkle blue with a vivifying violet-red undertone. If your favorite color is blue or purple, use it generously in your bathroom design. To enhance the blue or purple theme, add a swath of color on the ceiling above the tub to create a sky effect for a relaxing soak. You can also get blue or purple bath towels. Gold soap dishes above the vanity will provide warmth and contrast.

Interior Design Accessories to Enhance Your Master Bathroom in 2022

Plants on a shelf in a white tiled bathroom with countertop basin on a green cupboard

Not looking to completely renovate the bathroom? The next best thing is to update your bathroom decor. Swap a few tired decor pieces for something contemporary, something that puts a smile on your face and enhances your bathroom design. Here are a few bathroom accessory ideas for 2022.

Cabinets and Space-Saving Shelves

When you have a place for everything, your bathroom looks neat all the time. You can add closed cabinets under the vanity, floating and hanging shelves, corner cabinets, or open shelving. Get creative. Use upcycled materials or repurpose old kitchen cupboards.


Man looking at himself through a round bathroom mirror

Mirrors are essential in any bathroom. The most common shapes are round and rectangular, but that shouldn't stop you from trying something different. An oval mirror can give your bathroom the right look and feel. Circular mirrors work well in nautical or tropical bathroom designs. Mirror lighting technology will also be a major trend in 2022. Combine mirrors with lighting. Backlit mirrors not only add to the overall ambiance but are a design feature in themselves.

Sinks & faucets

Clean-lined contemporary bathroom wash sink with modern faucets

Ceramic sinks are the most common basin type, but that doesn't mean there aren't alternatives. Stainless steel sinks are fast becoming a new trend in bathroom design. While the material needs a little bit more care, it gives your bathroom a striking, modern look.

Faucets add pizzazz to a bathroom and are available in a variety of materials. Brushed metal is one of the most popular finishes. Water-saving features are making a splash in 2022, since we’re all trying to reduce our environmental footprint.


Opened door leading to bright white bathtub

Nothing beats soaking in a tub at the end of a long day. Upgrade your bathtub to the latest design, and create a hub of relaxation. You can even design your own tub to fit your space and style.

Lighting trends

Modern bathroom with wooden walls and flooring, marble walls and backlit mirrors

The right lighting is the best way to create a specific mood for your bathroom. Ambient lighting helps you control the overall feel of the room, while accent lighting highlights specific objects. Dimmer lighting in the evening can help you unwind.

Highlight bathroom features with spot lighting. Add bright lights to the vanity and mirror. Use recessed lighting fixtures to illuminate the shower or bathtub. If your master bathroom is large, go all out and hang a chandelier above the bathtub for ultimate in luxury.

Bring the Outdoors in with Plants

Bathroom vanity with house plant in white pot

Bathroom plants are one of the more popular trends for 2022. Use plants as feature pieces or accents. Place them in baskets or hang them from the ceiling. Choose plants that thrive in hot, humid conditions: ferns, orchids, aloe, Calatheas, or Chinese evergreens.

2022 Bathroom Wall & Floor Trends

Blue themed bathroom with linear patterned wallpaper and brown vanities

For many years, tiles were a key bathroom design feature. That doesn’t change in 2022. Their unique colors, amazing textures, and irregular shapes make for endless design possibilities. When used on floors, tiles can form a perfect foundation for your bathroom design. However, there are also many other flooring trends taking the interior design industry by storm.

Wall-Tile Ideas: Colorful Patterns and Geometry

White bathroom with black vanity, tile shower walls and tile floor

If you want the look of wood and the easy-to-clean surface of tiles, get wood-look tiles. Love symmetry? Get geometric tiles. Tiles now come in every conceivable color and pattern, from classic metro designs to jungle-inspired designs. It has never been easier to get great designs for your bathroom.

New Flooring Trends

Modern white bathroom with wooden floor and white lightning below the bath

It wasn't very long ago when tiles were our only choice for bathroom flooring. Today, there’s a wide range of flooring options available. You can choose from different waterproof materials: vinyl, laminate, engineered hardwood, and even carpet. If you love the outdoors, try natural stone flooring. Want extra warmth in your bathroom? Install underfloor heating. It will make you want to stay in your bathroom longer.

Wallpapers & Wall art

Vintage bathroom wallpaper pattern in a modern wood floor,white brick and gray tile wall bathroom design

The easiest way to spruce up your bathroom is by hanging wall art. Large, colorful designs add the finishing touch to your 2022 bathroom design. For a nautical look, add pictures of boats in the ocean; for an outdoor feel, hang pictures of plants or wildlife.

Wallpaper can also make a huge impact in your master bathroom. Wallpaper a corner of the room to give the illusion of  elongated  walls. Patterned wallpaper has a disrupting effect on the eyes and can create the illusion of more space. You can install waterproof wallpaper anywhere in the bathroom: shower, behind a vanity, or behind a bathtub.

Make Upgrading Your Master Bathroom a Priority This New Year

2022 is the year to renovate your master bathroom. Create a fresh, new look inspired by your personality. Draw inspiration from 2022-bathroom trends and replace the old materials. You can use old favorites like marble or look to newer materials like chrome. Bathroom tile trends for 2022 include natural stone tiles, wood-look tiles, and geometric tiles. Custom-designed baths and eco-friendly products will also be popular. Brighter color palettes will bring the beauty of nature indoors and inspire a fresh and bright 2022.