5 Trending Bathroom Paint Colors for 2024

Want to give your bathroom a new lease on life? Try soft, soothing hues or bold, unexpected shades. Use the most popular bathroom paint colors for 2024.

The right bathroom colors can transform the look and feel of a space. Lighter hues can make a small bathroom look more spacious, while darker ones can make it warm and cozy. Seafoam green or classic pale blue can make your bathroom a quiet haven for hot showers and soothing self-care. 

Pick bathroom paint colors that elevate your style a notch. Whether you're renovating your bedroom's en suite or a little-used powder room, you must choose the best bathroom paint colors. In 2024, two types of bathroom colors will trend: dramatic tones that work well on accent walls and calming shades that make a daily routine a thoughtful ritual. These are the most popular bathroom paint colors to consider this year.

Popular Bathroom Colors, 2024

Samples of colored textiles and fabrics with pink, black and grey colors

Bathrooms can be tricky to decorate because there are many non-movable fixtures to work around—cabinets, tile flooring, and metal hardware. And while you can easily change the paint color, it's essential to look at the elements you can't easily change and see what they have in common. Do they have a similar tone? Are the metals mismatched? 

Coordinating bathroom paint colors with the existing features is more manageable than fighting against them. Whether designing an entirely new bathroom or refreshing an existing one, draw inspiration from these bathroom paint colors for 2024, and bring your vision to life.

Bathroom with light blue walls

Color 1: Light Blue

You start and end your day in the bathroom. That's why the room should exude a luxurious, relaxing atmosphere. Blue brings a sense of calm and serenity. Spa-like blues have always been go-to shades for bathrooms and are still popular this year because of their therapeutic sense of calmness and balance.

Blue has been a popular bathroom paint color for decades, and as people seek to create calm, wellness-boosting spaces, its appeal keeps increasing. Zillow and Behr Paint conducted a study in 2021 and found that having a light-blue palette can significantly increase a home's value. Make the most of this popular bathroom color, paint your bathroom walls a soft shade reminiscent of the sky, and extend the hue to the ceiling.

Color 2: Light Green

Light green is a popular bathroom paint color in 2024 because it delivers a soothing, refreshing ambiance. Inspired by nature, green paint colors like lime, olive, and chartreuse create an outdoor connection and lend tranquility to a bathroom. Paint one bathroom wall light green for a simple nod to nature or envelop the entire room in green for a lavish look.

Light green hues are calming and bring a cooling effect to bright and sunny rooms. They also work well with other earthy tones like taupe and brown. Consider olive green for a more earthy feel or lime if you want something a little brighter and fun. You can never go wrong with such a fun color.

Bathroom with a white shower stall and light green walls

A white tub is displayed in a grey bathroom

Color 3: Soft Gray

This classic hue hasn't been dethroned for years and is still one of the most popular bathroom colors in 2024. Soft gray walls ensure your bathroom's decorative pieces stand out beautifully. Use the shade generously to keep things neutral while adding some edge. Add bathroom accessories with pops of color—like a patterned shower curtain for a vibrant look. For a classic look, choose simple neutral accents. Soft gray works well with almost every color so you can go wild with color combinations.

A light gray bathroom hue can be an excellent choice for modern spaces. It pairs perfectly with posh granite or marble countertops. Choose lighter-colored tiles for the floor and white countertops to ensure the room doesn't feel dark or gloomy. You can also use pure-white trim or paint one wall white to break up the monotony. Add sleek modern accessories and lighting fixtures to fill your bathroom with contemporary style and charm.

Color 4: Taupe

Taupe is perhaps not the first color you think of for a bathroom, but don't dismiss it. A gorgeous combination of brown and gray, taupe is a classic shade with a modern twist. It will separate you from the outside world, creating an intimate setting. It’s an excellent choice if you want a neutral bathroom that's still warm. 

Shades of taupe vary, and each one lends a different feeling to a space. Brown-heavy taupe oozes a more earthy feel, while a gray version gives a bathroom a contemporary edge. If you like playing around with color, choose a lighter shade with a purple base. Pair the color with natural stone tile or rich wood finishes for an earthy look.

A white marbled shower is on display in a taupe colored bathroom
A white neo-angled shower is on display in a dark grey bathroom

Color 5: Charcoal

Using dark bathroom paint colors in a small space was once a no-no. But today, intense tones like black and charcoal gray have become popular. Dark shades offer a sense of escapism and are perfect for bathrooms where you soak away the stress of the day. Instead of making a bathroom feel gloomy and oppressive, charcoal can add a sophisticated, modern vibe and make it feel cozy. 

Charcoal is a moody, sophisticated alternative to a soft gray. And while it is on the darker side, it has some warm elements which make it quite versatile. Create a classic tuxedo-inspired look with jet-black charcoal and bright white. The color pairs well with metallic accents and natural wood tones to create a space that is chic yet relaxing. It will give your bathroom a contemporary edge and a cozy feel, so go ahead and try it. 

Timeless Bathroom Colors

A bathtub stands between two vanities on each side of the bathroom

If you're not planning to renovate your bathroom this year, these paint colors are worth a look. Thanks to their elegance and beauty, they will make your bathroom feel more like a relaxing spa.

Color 1: Bright White 

White is a great stand-alone color that allows for infinite combinations with other colors. Pastels blend well with white to create the perfect bathroom ambiance. For a bold and dramatic feel, mix white with darker colors.

White never goes out of style. Off-white warms dark spaces, while cool whites create a crisp, clean look. For a trendy look, complement white with a dark accent color like charcoal, navy blue, or hunter green. A bright white bathroom is the ultimate in classic bathroom style and spells luxury and cleanliness. 

A classic white bathroom and bathtub
A cool blue bathroom with a white bathtub

Color 2: Cool Blue

Blue is a classic hue that remains enduringly popular. Reminiscent of breathtaking beaches, it is an intuitive choice for a bathroom. When this dreamy hue surrounds you, you can't help but feel relaxed. You can use light blue on an accent wall or in your bathroom for a spa-like feeling. 

Add an element of surprise to breathe new life into a familiar blue bathroom color scheme. Introduce a bold shower curtain or screen to show that even bathroom basics can be beautiful. Try a muted version of blue with a gray base for a tranquil feeling. Blue conjures up coastal scenes and watery landscapes and pairs well with gray and white.

Color 3: Orange

Orange has a vibrant, energetic feel and can transform a plain space into an eye-catching one. While it's a bold choice, it works well with the right complementary colors. Paint your guest bathroom orange to create a fun and memorable space for your guests to enjoy. 

Look at the color wheel to find colors to pair it with. There are many orange shades to explore—from bright and bold hues that exude zest and energy to toned-down hues reminiscent of nature. Bright orange forms an autumnal palette alongside cream and olive green. If you want to temper the color's intensity, pair it with white. 

A burnt orange colored bathroom with a clay sink and a rounded mirror
An ivory marlbe bathtub is the focus in a brown-tiled bathroom

Color 4: Brown

Although brown is a warm color with a lot to offer, it isn't a popular choice for bathrooms. But if you're looking to create a spa-inspired room you can relax in every day, brown is just the color. It gives a bathroom a very calm, earthy look. 

Chocolate brown looks quite sleek when paired with metallic gold accents, while light brown is more soothing and works well with lighter tones. A softer shade of brown forms a neutral backdrop for accent colors like pale blue. Brown colors minimize shadows in bathrooms and give spaces a jewel-box feel. They can offer the same soothing quality found in more classic shades.

Color 5: Seafoam Green

Is there anything as relaxing as the sight of the outdoors? Try seafoam green if you love the great outdoors. It is well-suited to interior design, particularly in bathrooms. The color was trendy in the 1950s and can help you recreate a vintage bathroom. 

Seafoam green is bright and boasts a coastal aesthetic. It bridges traditional and contemporary styles when paired with popular bathroom paint colors like white. Green brings the outdoors in. Its calming color mixes well with other earthy tones like taupe and sand. 

A sea foam green bathroom with the focus on a white bathtub

How to Pick the Right Color for Your Bathroom

A couple choosing color swatches for painting against a wall

The bathroom paint colors for 2024 you choose will dictate your mood and the overall feel of the space. Choosing the right colors can make your bathroom feel like a Zen-like oasis instead of just another room. But how do you pick the best bathroom paint colors? Here are some tips and tricks.

Choose 3 Colors 

Pick one neutral color, one rich color, and one accent color. Aim for a 70/20/10 distribution. Use the neutral color generously (70%), the rich color sparingly (20%), and the bold color very minimally (10%). A three-color rule allows you to create a balanced, relaxing color scheme that's difficult to go wrong with.

Consider the Fixtures 

If you need to change your bathroom fixtures and features, consider their colors when choosing bathroom paint colors. Bathroom fixtures often come in one color, so you can pick hues that complement or contrast with the color. Create one color scheme, and don't choose paint colors that clash with the room's focal points.

Look at the Lighting

Paint can look very different when illuminated by natural light as opposed to artificial light. Let the lighting determine your choice of bathroom color. Warm, natural paint colors are perfect for windowless bathrooms. You can pair beige paint with white fixtures and smart lighting to brighten and warm the room. But bring a paint swatch home before getting a particular paint shade to see how it looks in your space.

Consider the Room's Size

Size matters when choosing bathroom paint colors. Factor in the room's size to make paint decisions that will change the feel of the room, not just its look. For instance, red can make a small bathroom look garish. But if it's used on the ceiling of a spacious bathroom, it can make the space cozier.

Don't Forget the Flooring

It's essential to choose a bathroom paint color that complements your existing flooring. If you have neutral tile flooring, pick a bold or fun color for the walls. But if you have a non-traditional floor color, your color options are limited.

Choose the Best Bathroom Paint Colors for 2024

Paint can transform a bathroom in an instant. Classic white can make a tiny bathroom look more spacious, while vibrant yellow or pastel blue can brighten up a windowless bathroom. When choosing bathroom paint colors, consider your preferences. Do you love mid-century, modern design or sleek, contemporary spaces? And remember to choose a good paint finish. A semi-gloss finish can prevent mildew and mask scuffs.