Tips and Tricks: Make the Most of Your Small Bathroom

Stuck with a tiny bathroom? Use these small-bathroom ideas to make the most of every square inch of space.

Small bathrooms can be challenging to decorate. They lack square footage, have limited natural light, and have fewer fixtures. But with smart design tricks, clever storage ideas, and interesting layouts, you can make your bathroom the spa-like space you've always dreamed of.

Whether you've got a primary bathroom lacking square footage or a compact guest room, you can do plenty to make the most of the space. Use these space-enhancing tips and tricks to make it look bigger.

A woman is rolling towels into a basket under the vanity sink.


Decluttering is the first thing you should do to visually enhance your small bathroom. Get rid of everything you don't use—wall art, displays, and everything else that consumes space. Even vertical space is precious. Start by decluttering the sink counter and only keep the items you use daily. Put the rest in storage.

Keep the hair and makeup products you use regularly. Remove the stuff you only use occasionally. When you get rid of things you don't need, your bathroom becomes clean and tidy. 

Use Space-Saving Shelving

Double vanity with under the sink storage.

If you take on a complete bathroom remodel, create additional storage by building a recessed shelf between the studs in a wall. Shelves don't take up precious floor space, which is a plus in a small bathroom. Put soaps, towels, and glass canisters in open shelving because they're both decorative and functional. Get decorative bins or woven baskets for cleaning supplies, personal items, and laundry.

Cabinet doors can visually cramp a small bathroom. Get a vanity with open shelves and add baskets in the space below. Use the baskets for your toiletries and cosmetics. Your small bathroom will look bigger. You can also install shelves above the bathroom door and above the toilet to make the most of your small space.

Use Shower Caddies

If you share your small bathroom with others, you may need more space to store all your toiletries. Shower caddies make it easy for everyone to tote their shampoo, soap, and other supplies to and from the bathroom whenever they want.

Take time to find a shower caddy that truly suits your needs. Get a smaller, simpler caddy if all you need is soap and shampoo to freshen up. But if you use different products in the bathroom, get a caddy with many compartments to streamline your routine.

Shampoo conditioner and body soap hanging in a shower caddy.
Towel hooks hanging off a wall.

Install Hooks

Bathroom hooks boast space-saving properties and don't take up extra space, making them ideal for small bathrooms. You can hang your towel and bathrobe on hooks when using the bathroom. They won't block shelves or mirrors, so they'll remain usable. 

Hooks are perfect for small bathrooms used by several people. While a small bathroom may only accommodate one 24" towel bar, the same space can fit three or four hooks. Be sure to install a hook for each person that uses the bathroom, so no one uses the wrong bath towel.

Add a Curved Shower Rod

Most curved shower rods can provide additional space in the bathroom. This is because their outward bulging design is up high, which allows them to maximize precious floor space. The rods have a unique design that ensures water stays inside the shower or tub and doesn't get on the bathroom floor. A shower rod keeps the wet, sticky shower curtain away from your body, enhancing your comfort. 

A curved shower rod makes a bathroom look more luxurious. And the good news is you don't need to buy a special shower curtain for it. But it's worth mentioning that you'll need a longer shower curtain if you install the shower rod high on the shower walls.

Top down view of a bathtub with a curved shower rod.
Small bathroom with a white Bath Fitter bathtub and wall solution.

Use Light and Bright Colors

Light colors make rooms appear visually bigger than they really are, so use them generously in your small bathroom. Steer clear of dark hues that absorb light and make spaces feel smaller. Think whites, off-whites, light grays, light blues, and pastels.

One of the quickest ways to make your small bathroom look spacious is to use lots of white—white paint, white tile, and white fixtures. White paint can reflect the natural light coming in through a window and brighten up a bathroom. White naturally recedes, making a space look bigger. It doesn't absorb light but rather reflects it. 

Transform Your Small Bathroom for Good

Small bathroom with a white Bath Fitter bathtub and wall solution.

Transforming a small bathroom into a spacious and stylish oasis is not impossible. Use these  tips on organizing to make your tiny space look and feel bigger and comfier. Enhance the style and function of the room by making small changes. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, Bath Fitter has everything you need to maximize your bath area.