Commercial Bathroom Renovations for Hotels

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For over 35 years, Bath Fitter has been a trusted hotel renovation company for accommodations like the Four Seasons, the Fairmont Royal York, and the Hyatt Place.

Easy Cleaning

    Save Time on Housekeeping

    Easy Cleaning

    We produce baths and showers that are easy to clean and virtually maintenance free. Our products are made of high-gloss acrylic meaning they will never lose their shine.

    Our unique technology molds a single sheet of acrylic into a custom-fit panel for your shower or bath solution. A seamless wall and floor mean no corners or ridges to scrub, cutting down the time housekeeping staff spend cleaning a washroom.

    These acrylic walls are non-porous and watertight, which lowers the risk of water damage and leaks leading to expensive maintenance costs. With our unique and seamless tile wall textures, you can achieve the aesthetic look of subway tile and grid tile without the hassle of cleaning grout lines.

    Achieve the lowest maintenance and most hygienic bath or shower solution without losing out on the design.

    Made To Last


    The goal at Bath Fitter is to help you give your guests a luxurious experience with the highest-quality bathtub and shower solution. We have completed over 2 million custom installations, meeting the different needs and requirements for individual hotel renovations.

    Our diverse and quality products meet rigorous standards and because of that, we offer a 5‑year warranty on commercial installs. If in 5 years your Bath Fitter tub or shower does not look as good as new, it’s covered under warranty.

    Bath Fitter has a proven track record of working with hotels both big and small. We are proud to have ongoing positive relationships with past clients. Trust us with your next hotel or motel renovation project.


    Showers and Baths for Hospitality


    Bath Fitter has a range of bathtub and shower solutions suitable for any hotel bathroom renovation budget. Our finishes will create clean and luxurious accommodation for your guests.

    Our bathtub liners are custom made to seamlessly fit right over your existing bathtub and shower. This will make your commercial bathroom remodel quicker and cleaner. Update your accommodations with one of our affordable options. Our Bath Fitter experts can help find solutions that fit your budget.

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    No Demolition Needed

    One-Day Installation

    When working in hospitality, the last thing we want to do is disrupt your guests. That’s why we have designed our installation process to be as quick and easy as possible.

    A Bath Fitter expert will pre-measure the shower and bath area and then manufacture your one-of-a-kind remodel back in our plant. We offer one-day installation with no demolition needed. Guests will not be disturbed, and installation will be timely and hassle-free for management and maintenance staff.

    We guarantee the very best in customer service. Our people are all about quality and professionalism. They will ensure your commercial bathroom installation causes minimal disruption to your guests and elevates your accommodations at a reasonable price.