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With over 2 million installations, we are proud to be experts in commercial bathroom renovations for community housing.

Easy Cleaning

    Low Maintenance Shower Walls and Tile

    Easy Cleaning

    Cleaning and maintenance are made as easy as possible with Bath Fitter tubs and showers. Bath Fitter has numerous seamless and low-maintenance wall designs and tile designs to choose from.

    Made in a single seamless acrylic sheet, acrylic liners and high-quality material and installation ensure that your bath or shower is watertight. Choose from a variety of seamless built-in organization shelves, soap dishes, seats, and grab bars. These finishes are customizable to each solution and are made to avoid water pooling and soap scum building up.

    Covered for 5 years

    Durability and Warranty

    Bath Fitter uses high-quality, high-gloss acrylic sheets to create our bath and shower overlays. The high-gloss finish ensures that both your tub and shower maintain their shine for years.

    If after 5 years your Bath Fitter solution does not look as good as new, we will honor our warranty and replace the product. It is important to us that the showers and tubs in community housing units are durable for tenants and remain as hygienic as possible. All Bath Fitter materials are non-porous while finishes like our faucets come from reputable brands like Moen and Delta.


    Customized To Fit Tenant Needs


    Bath Fitter has a range of shower, bath, and finishes available so you can choose a design and price that suits you and your tenants’ needs and budgeting.

    Bath Fitter installs over pre-existing bathtubs without needing to remove them. This saves on time and demolition costs.

    We can provide bath or shower installation or remodeling whether you are looking to refresh a community housing unit or constructing a new public housing accommodation.

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    Ready To Use Within Hours

    One-Day Installation

    Bath Fitter is proud to provide one-day installation. It is important to us that we complete your commercial bathroom renovation with as little disturbance to tenants as possible.

    There is no demolition needed for community housing renovations. We pre-measures all surfaces, pre-molds the shower or bathtub solution, and can install within hours right over the old shower or bath. Installation will be completed within hours, not days. Get the quickest and least disruptive shower installation for public housing with Bath Fitter.

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