Commercial Bathroom Renovations for Retirement Homes

Solutions for
Senior Living

Bath Fitter has a long history of providing commercial bathroom renovations and installation for senior-living communities and retirement apartments.

Easy Accessibility

    Senior-friendly Showers

    Easy Accessibility

    Bath Fitter custom designs to fit the unique individual needs of tenants. That’s why we are a great choice for senior housing communities looking to install accessible showers and baths for residents.

    Walk-in showers for seniors as well as roll-in showers can be installed to allow for easy access and the use of personal mobility aids.

    Shower seating and grab bars can be added to any shower and bath solution. Our Bath Fitter experts have successfully installed ADA shower installation and ensured customized showers are as easy for seniors to get in and out of.

    We offer a wide range of Moen and Delta handheld shower heads with adjustable heights that are easy to turn on and off and have clear temperature labels.

    5 years of Protection


    Bath Fitter offers a 5-year warranty on all commercial installations.

    Bath Fitter stands behind every aspect of our business. Vertical integration ensures that our products meet both our rigorous standards, and yours. We guarantee that our products will retain their good-as-new look for at least 5 years.


    Customizable and Flexible Pricing


    We offer a variety of wall textures, shower bases, doors, curtain rods, and finishes to allow customers flexible pricing.

    Bath Fitter can install right over of a pre-existing bath or shower, which means demolition and labor costs are significantly lower than a traditional bathroom remodel. Contact a Bath Fitter expert today to begin planning your commercial installation for a senior-friendly shower or bath.

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    Ready To Use in Hours

    One-Day Installation

    Our commercial renovation and commercial installation process is quick, and showers and baths are installed in a single day. Tenants are of utmost importance to us, and our goal is to disturb them as little as possible.

    All Bath Fitter solutions are premeasured, custom built in a Bath Fitter manufacturing center, and then brought to the residence and installed in mere hours. No demolition is needed, and our goal is to have washroom facilities up and running as quickly as possible. Your tenants will be able to use their new shower or bath the same day as installation.

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